The thermometer exceeded 41 degrees and the air burns in Mar del Plata « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

In Mar del Plata, after 3 p.m., the National Meteorological Service confirmed that the thermometer marked 41.1 ° degrees, the highest thermal mark of the last 64 years, according to the agency’s historical records.

The temperature was rising early and around noon, the scarce cooling air that mitigated heat was transformed into a mass of hot air that literally burns being outdoors.

If this Thursday the city had experienced a very hot day, this Friday is even more oppressive. The official thermometer exceeded 41 degrees, an unprecedented mark in recent decades, at least since January 28, 1957, when a historical record of 41°6 was reached.

The temperature, however, varies according to the area. Generally, this is even higher in the downtown area, where in the afternoon exceeded 42 degrees.

Much of the country continues this Friday on a red alert due to the health risk that the extreme temperatures forecast for the day may imply, especially the provinces of Tucumán, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and La Pampa, reported the National Meteorological Service.

Faced with these high temperatures, it is essential hydrate. Specialists emphasize that you should not wait until you feel thirsty to drink and recommend drinking mainly water, as well as increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which contribute to hydrate the organism.

In Mar del Plata, the heat will drop just a few points over the weekend, but a maximum of 31 degrees was forecast for this Saturday, with a strong probability of isolated storms for the last hours of the day. Rainfall would continue throughout Sunday, when a maximum of 29 degrees is expected.

On Monday, meanwhile, there will be a sharp drop in temperature. According to data from the National Weather Service, the maximum would be 18 degrees.

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