The test that confirms the romance between Lali Espósito and the Spanish model Alosian Vivancos

The bridge with Spain has already solidified to Lali Esposito, who in those European lands found a platform to evolve to unimaginable limits in his professional career. The actress took a leap to Europe to build a tremendous path in the workplace, such as her leading role in Sky Rojo.

In addition, in those terroirs he also found personal stimuli, from the freedom with which he handled himself in that country and which was ratified by the love relationship, openly, that he experimented with the director David Victori and all the flirting that crystallized with her setmate Miguel Silvestre.

Now it seems that a new man has sprung up who shakes his shelves. In recent weeks, Lali became involved in an investigation of winks on social networks with a Spanish model, a ham from the middle, Alosian Viviancos. Through the comparison of publications on Instagram, some accounts assure that Espósito is navigating a romance with this actor.

As if all this were not enough, now a definitive proof has come to light, a reliable documentation that provides much more solidity to the theory of a new love for Esposito with Alosian. What happened? It turns out that tremendous images of the model went viral at the singer’s mega birthday party.

Instagram account Gossiping He posted a photo of Viviancos at the celebration on Saturday, a very peculiar event, especially since he resides in Spain and the event was held in Buenos Aires. Do youWhy would the actor be a guest at Lali’s party?

And another of the edges focuses on the fact that Alosian began to follow many of Espósito’s friends after that impressive evening and these members of the singer’s close circle returned the follow. Everything seems to lead in one direction, Lali and Viviancos live a powerful bond.

Who is Alosian Vivancos

In the first instance, it is necessary to describe that he was born in Baja California, but after months he moved to Canada, to spend most of his childhood. However, at the age of eight he got on a plane and settled in Barcelona with his family.

Alosian immersed himself in the world of fashion since adolescence, driven by his unique features and marvelous bearing. In 2015, he dabbled in acting and landed a major role in the Netflix series Club de Cuervos, in which he played a footballer.

Of course, the most striking, strange, peculiar and incredible of Vivancos is intertwined with his family nucleus. His father broke all records by raising 39 children, yes, 39. For this reason, Alosian has 38 siblings, of which six are entirely of blood, both paternal and maternal, since their father impregnated seven ladies.

on this total peculiarity, the model, who conquered Esposito, declared on some occasion: “I come from a family of many members, and I enjoy that of course! My father contributed a great deal to the population of Spain. We all get along really well and have a vein of art”.

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