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The announcement was made after a week in which Uribism has had to cover up some internal fractures that have it in the eye of the hurricane at the start of the presidential campaign next year.

(In context: Democratic Center will give access to delegates of pre-candidates to the survey)

In response, the Democratic Center decided yesterday that “the representatives authorized by each candidate may have access to the surveys, except for the name of the respondent due to the prohibition of the habeas data law” and insisted that the process was carried out with “transparency ”.

According to some Uribe sectors, Former President Álvaro Uribe, maximum head of the party, would have a commitment for that dignity to be held by the former Secretary of Government of Bogotá Miguel Uribe Turbay. However, other sectors believe that Senator Cabal should be the one who should head the plate due to the high prominence she had in the bid for the endorsement to 2022.

Miguel Uribe Turbay

Miguel Uribe Turbay, who will be on the Senate Democratic Center list.


Milton Diaz. TIME

But the tensions over the presidential candidate and the Senate list are just one of the fractures that the Democratic Center lives. To this issue is added that of the representative to the Chamber Jennifer Arias, president of that corporation, who was accused of plagiarism in the master’s thesis, by the Externado University.

Although the Democratic Center has not officially spoken, EL TIEMPO learned that, for the moment, the majority of the Uribe party in the Chamber has given it their support and that the congresswoman, who insists that the university has not listened to her and that she “tainted” her name, continues to study legal ways to defend itself.

However, the issue transcended the party and this week the opposition proposed to revoke her as president of the House and elect a replacement, which was debated and rejected by the majority of the plenary session of this corporation.

The differences in criteria on these dates led leaders such as the former head of the negotiating team, Humberto de la Calle, to write on Twitter: “I am in the meeting for 5 years of the Agreement. Welcome President Duque to the YES ”.

There has not been a Peace Agreement. The National Legislation was simply fractured and the International was challenged by giving total impunity and political eligibility.

Duque, for his part, not only defended what was signed, but also the progress made by his government. He was so detailed in his diagnosis that even Guterres himself concluded: “I have nothing to add to the President. We have a clear and strong commitment from the Government of Colombia and the United Nations in the implementation of the agreement ”.

For Guillermo Henao, analyst and political strategist, it is “the first time that in different parts of the country the directives given by Uribe, such as methodologies for choosing candidates and agreements in the municipal benches, have begun to be questioned.”

“Today the negotiating capacity of the Democratic Center is not the same as 4 years ago“Said the expert, who added that” currently leadership is held by other sectors, “which” forces the community to be part of a coalition, if it wishes to be on the cake of power in 2022. “

The photo of Uribe support for Óscar Iván Zuluaga


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