The talents who could win the Ballon d’Or in 2030

In 2021, there will likely be a new winner and Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s monopoly on this trophy will crumble even more, as happened in 2018 when the winner was Luka Modric.


Obviously there are a myriad of names at the height of their careers who will contend for the award in the not too distant future, but it’s unclear who will emerge as the best player in the world in the next decade.

Here are 24 players under the age of 25 who will play their chances by 2030 …

Karim Adeyemi

Despite his young age, this technically strong forward already has ridiculous numbers

To make the leap in quality he will certainly have to leave Red Bull Salzburg, and given that he was born in Munich, one can guess what a candidate destination could be.

Jude Bellingham

Internationally, there are many clubs that dream of signing the Borussia Dortmund player and we are sure that, together with another midfielder on this list, he will make the fortunes of the English midfielder for many years.

While Gerrard and Lampard never received the award, Bellingham has a very good chance, especially if he were to move to a top team.

Eduardo Camavinga

Even if he had gotten a little used to Rennes, Eduardo Camavinga he did not hesitate to accept the offer of the team of his dreams and now that he has arrived in Spain, he wants to touch the sky with his finger.

The fact that he can play in an embarrassingly talented France will also secure him several international titles.

Federico Chiesa

The Juventus winger has already won a prestigious award such as Euro 2020, but seems to have achieved the right continuity to be able to aspire to individual titles as well.

Rhythm, footwork skills and devastating finishing skills: Chiesa was born to be at the top.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

The record has existed since 1963, but Gigio was selected as a finalist as early as 2021, which means success isn’t that far off.

Given the rebirth of the Azzurri thanks to Roberto Mancini and the possible victory of Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the Champions League, you would not bet against him.

Ansu Fati

If he can keep fit and avoid the annoying knee problems that plagued the early years of his career, nothing can stop him.

He hopes to be able to emulate the exploits of the player who wore the Barcelona 10 before him.

Joao Felix

Despite his exceptional technical ability, Joao Felix he still has to consecrate himself internationally with both Atletico and Portugal.

Maybe he would need to leave the colchoneros of the fearsome Simeon to find himself, but if he were to succeed he would enlighten our eyes with his plays.

Phil Foden

Phil Foden he is the kind of technically very strong midfielder who, however, rarely manages to reach the top on the English coasts. However, the City player has something more.

Already now he is one of the fundamental pawns in Guardiola’s chessboard and soon he will be able to become immovable even in the selection of the Three Lions. Who knows where it will get to.

Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

Until a few months ago, we could see Gavi in those videos on YouTube in which the Barcelona youth teams tear up poor opponents, now he is in the first team. Luis Enrique likes him a lot and he calls him permanently in Spain.

A player with a low center of gravity, made with the same mold as Andres Iniesta, to which is added a skill in dribbling that recalls that of Leo Messi. It is a joy to see him play, but a lot will depend on Barça’s progress towards the top of world football.

Mason Greenwood

Although the international career of Mason Greenwood has been handled carefully so far, the young forward has already scored plenty of goals at club level.

Should he become a regular in England and Manchester United manage to return to the elite of European football, they have a good chance of winning the Ballon d’Or.

Erling Haaland

Its unstoppable strength makes it Erling Haaland a scoring machine, and, along with another striker on this list, could very well dominate this award for years to come.

Since Norway will not give him many joys, his success will depend a lot on personal recognition. What makes the difference will also be the destination he chooses once his time at Borussia Dortmund is over. He must decide wisely.

Kai Havertz

Chelsea are obviously willing to wait for him, given that he has already written his name in the history of the club by scoring the decisive goal in the Champions League final.

He appears to be simmering, showing his skill at times with the Blues. Once it finds some continuity it can be unstoppable.

Alexander Isaac

The Swede’s dribbling prowess, speed and coolness mean he has the potential to become a world-class striker, but will have a hard time getting the better of some of the names on this list.

Paris Saint Germain v FC Nantes - Ligue 1 Uber Eats

Will he have to leave Paris Saint-Germain soon to do so? Only time will tell.

What is clear is that, at just 22, he is already one of the best footballers on the planet. By playing for one of the strongest teams in the world (if not the strongest), your chances are very, very high.

Youssoufa Moukoko

It is so small that by 2030 it will have barely reached the prime of its career, so time is all in favor.

Can it outperform the other names on the list? It will take a company.

Jamal Musiala

Born in South London, Jamal Musiala he declined England’s call-up to accept Germany’s. After showing off with Bayern, he now wants to conquer a leading role with the Teutonic national team.

A first-rate technical dribbler: he will go far.


If he were to play in the positions that belong to him and if the coaches didn’t have to squeeze him like a lemon, he could be among the best midfielders in the world for the next 15 years.

A player with absolute technical ability who is not afraid to do the dirty work. The potential of his midfield partnership with Gavi will drive everyone crazy at Camp Nou.

Yeremi Pino

The Spanish winger boasts incredible speed, excellent ball-to-foot running ability and a truly interesting vision of the game.

He has everything he needs to take his place among the best winger around, although he may eventually have to leave Villarreal to fight for top honors.

Rodrygo Silva De Goes

A decade is a long time in football, so the carioca talent has plenty of time to realize their potential. If it does, we won’t know where it might go.

The boy plays for Real Madrid and Brazil, on the other hand.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

But have you ever seen the workouts that his father makes him do ?! If he does not become a great professional footballer he could also be disowned.

Christian Sr won the first of his four Ballon d’Ors in 2008 at 23, although he could have won it very well before. In 2030 Cristiano Ronaldo Jr he will be 21 and his footballing genes are decent. Do a little you.

N.B. I don’t know if he’s actually good at football.

Giovanni Reyna

It will be interesting to see if the midfielder can find enough international success in the next few years to be considered for the Ballon d’Or.

He will have to avoid injuries and find some continuity to have a chance.

Bukayo Saka

However, there is still a long way to go, given that Arsenal are far from the top of world football. But in 10 years never say never.

Bukayo Saka he is probably the best proper winger (at the time of writing) around and in such a young team he can grow a lot.

Jadon Sancho

It is important that the player and the club find the best form.

If he wins titles with United and England as a protagonist, he can certainly enter the competition.

Vinicius Junior

Just like Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr it has the right launch pad to throw itself into the football stratosphere.

Whether the Blancos can fight for big titles right away remains to be seen, but you can imagine that they will return to high levels very soon.

Florian Wirtz

He is currently retracing Havertz’s footsteps at Bayer Leverkusen, but from his position as attacking midfielder he could score many more goals and provide the same assists as his compatriot.

Another player who will have to think a lot about his next goal if he wants to aim for both team titles and individual trophies, but he’s so good it shouldn’t be a problem.

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