The surprise: Milei, the right-wing candidate, is consolidated as the third force in CABA

The ultra-liberal economist Javier Milei is positioned as the third force in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. With 80% of the tables scrutinized, the candidate of the most reactionary right wins 13% of the vote. That way, it would prove not only to be a box office on TV and on the networks. If the results are repeated in November, he would get two seats.

Milei’s numbers leave a bittersweet taste in Vidal’s campaign command since, they evaluate, they would be votes escaped to his strength.

Milei voted at the headquarters of the National Technological University of Buenos Aires amid the shouts of supporters and detractors.

When he saw him at the university gate, a young driver cheered “Come on Milei fuck!”. Almost simultaneously, a lady booed him “Get out of here!” from a building.

The referent of the Avanza la Libertad list began by skipping the line before the crowd waiting to vote, which generated discontent among voters, particularly the older ones.

Like rock star

I don’t have cabals yet, it’s my first! I’m a virgin! ”Milei joked, between laughs. In his first time, dressed in his characteristic leather jacket and smiling behind his chinstrap, he took advantage of every moment of attention. “It’s like any Sunday, only with more cameras,” he scoffed.

“I came in to end this decadence. We come and bring proposals. If you join us, fine. They do not accompany us: we are going home. If it weren’t the person or the ideas, or the combination of both, you don’t have to be stubborn, ”Milei admitted.

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