The surprise betrayal that puts Alberto Fernández in trouble

When an opponent or even a political ally sniffs weakness in the ruler, he begins to act accordingly. This is a curse on Alberto Fernandez since he took office in December 2019, precisely because of the historical rarity of being the first president in Argentine history to does not decide for himself to be president.

It is within this framework that the relationships between the different actors take on a special relevance. Alberto Fernández always believed he had the support of union leadership, one of the main ‘legs’ of his management that seeks to function as a counterweight to the Kirchnerist nucleus led by the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. However, that bra begins to crack as sectoral interests are affected and reality takes on other more complex nuances.

“Despite being Peronists and defining themselves as such, the union leaders have a commitment to the rank and file or to their own plans. For example, the aeronautical unions sent a note to Pablo Ceriani, President of Argentinian airlines, requesting a meeting as soon as possible to resume the joint discussion, when those same unions got una salary recomposition of 52% in 2021 “, explained the journalist Pablo Fernández Blanco on the channel LN+.

Despite obtaining one of the best agreements in 2021, the aeronautical unions want to reopen the joint venture.

In that sense, he recalled that “since 2008, when it was nationalized, Aerolineas Argentinas cost the State at an annual rate $ 7.5 billion; even last year it cost him $ 700 million“.

“The unions that last year achieved a 52% recomposition, now want to sit down and discuss this situation again in a company highly deficient and that we pay with our taxes. Do the unions want the good of Aerolineas Argentinas? Or do they want the company to cease to exist?“, he asked himself.

Like some union leaders, another actor sniffing out the government’s weakness is the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “Now the agreement is muddy. Alberto Fernández wanted to close it in the middle of last year, but none of this happened because it was stopped by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who considered that it had no political profit. The vice president could be another ‘friend’ who sniffs the weakness of the President, “concluded Fernández Blanco.

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