The strange proposals of hard Kirchnerism to reverse the defeat

The former ambassador to Venezuela and the United Kingdom, Alicia castro, made an unusual diagnosis about the reasons why the Front of All suffered a hard electoral defeat In the elections PASO Sunday and listed a series of strange proposals to reverse the result for the November elections.

“The handling of the pandemic is not good. The government listened to the opposition and not to those who propose measures to SAVE LIVES,” the militant complained Kirchnerist, who advocates for tighter restrictions to combat the pandemic.

“The government’s media policy is non-existent. We cannot blame Clarín and do nothing, avoid replacing the Media Law, organize community media, give clear messages with communicators, information and intelligible proposals,” Castro added in his account from Twitter.

Alicia Castro’s strange proposals to reverse the election result.

“Some time ago @CFKArgentina denounced that there are“ officials who do not work ”. However, nothing has changed. Will the government recognize today that it cannot place its friends and candidates in key positions, but rather recognized, accessible and committed public servants?” added the militant Kirchnerist.

“We suffered during the macrismo the armed of legal cases against the opposition political leaders. Today Argentina still has political prisoners. It is not fair. The citizenship demands and deserves a Judicial Reform. It is time,” he added Castro.

Alicia Castro called for “more Kirchnerism” on her Twitter account.

“There are clear demands that have not been addressed: for example, the nationalization of foreign trade, the end of the Paraná Waterway concession. It is a popular clamor. Why not listen to it?”, Added the former ambassador to Venezuela.

“The Frente de Todos was born as an electoral coalition, but it is still pending that it functions as a government coalition. @CFKArgentina, the Kirchnerism that contributed votes, history, energy, strategies. is underrepresented in politics, “he said. Castro.

Alicia Castro asked that they advance against Justice and the media.

And he completed: “Who pays the bill for the pandemic? Time to make great gestures of social justice and great gestures of tax justice. Let those who have the most pay more. Tax to the beneficiary sectors: telecommunications, pharmaceutical sector, commerce sector virtual”.

“SURVEYERS GO HOME. They all failed. They did not predict the defeat of the Front of All across the country, nor the blank vote. It would be better if the government listens to the people. Inaccessible food and medicine prices, without controls. Without plan and without hope, there are no votes. The president @alferdez promised to hear the strong message from the polls. He suggested that he will change course and that he ends his term in two years. Time to listen to the majority of voters that we bring you to power. We do not want the friend Larreta as president, but neither do we want Massa “, the former national deputy closed her strange diagnosis.

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