The spicy message in Javier Milei’s networks after his great election

The candidate for national deputy for the La Libertad Avanza front in the City of Buenos Aires, Javier Milei, celebrated the very good result obtained in the PASO elections (14% of the votes) by publishing a series of tweets in which he thanked the support and attacked the Kirchnerism and the political caste.

“THE POLITICAL CASE. Chapter: LIONS ROARING. I want to thank the thousands of good Argentines who yesterday gave us their support in this first instance. We are happy, but we know that the work is just beginning. The job will be done when we have transformed the country, “he wrote. mercy on his Twitter account.

And he continued: “I also want to tell Argentines of good throughout the country that the ideas of freedom are re-emerging and in 2023 there will be a liberal ballot in every corner of the country to begin the path of national reconstruction.” .

Javier Milei published a spicy message after the good results he obtained in the PASO.

“Although we are happy with the result, we know that there is nothing to celebrate. Galloping inflation, unemployment and poverty force us to redouble our efforts so that the ideas of freedom can restore hope to Argentines,” he added mercy.

And he completed: “Yesterday we Argentines expressed our boredom with a political caste collectivist that has been ruining our lives for more than seventy years. We said enough to the Kirchnerism; and we also said enough to the pigeons that want to negotiate with the K “.

Milei attacked Kirchnerism and the political caste.

“In the City we are 25% who believe in the values ​​of life, freedom and property. We are 25% who do not want any type of dialogue or agreement with the Kirchnerism. We want to beat them and that they never come back, “he added. mercy.

And he closed: “In November we can not only beat the Kirchnerism in the city but we can choose what type of opposition we want until 2023: the pigeons who want to negotiate; or the lions that we want to roar. LONG LIVE FREEDOM FUCK “.


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