The Social Cinema returns to the Municipal Hall of Unquillo

The social cinema, so many times present in the historic hall of the Municipal Cinema of Unquillo, returns with a cycle that it will dedicate each month to various references of Cinema, Art and Culture.

With the aim of adding recreation and leisure spaces for the community, the Culture and Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Unquillo invites to the functions every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., with free and free admission, which will take place sharing with large professionals from our Town of Artists and from the Sierras Chicas region.

September program

September will be dedicated to the documentary filmmaker Raimundo Gleyzer, an Argentine film critic and director specialized in the documentary genre, detained-disappeared during the last civic-military dictatorship.

Fiction and documentary films will be screened: “Las Motitos” (by Inés María Barrionuevo and Gabriela Vidal), “13.0000 KM de Syria” (by Fernando Lojo) and “Nuestro Mundo Anuhu Yrno” (by Dario Arcella).

We see the preview of the film that will be shown this Wednesday, September 15:

“The motitos” Directed by Inés María Barrionuevo and Gabriela Vidal, year 2020

Synopsis: Juliana and Lautaro live in a humble neighborhood besieged by policemen, they are in love and face an unwanted pregnancy. They do not know how or who to turn to to avoid illegality and homelessness until Flor, Juli’s mother, realizes what is happening and acts; later, the teenagers meet again.

Filmed entirely in Córdoba / Producer: Gualicho Cine

Las motitos trailer (HD)

October Program

In October, the Social Cinema cycle will also be Musical, since it will be dedicated to León Gieco, with four films that in his own way develops an audiovisual register combining music and geography, just as the musician did in “De Ushuaia a la Quiaca”.

The following will be screened: “Soy Aime” (by Aymara Rovera), “Charco” (by Julian Chalde), “Don Luis Víctor Gentilini” (by Martin Páez de la Torre) and “Hamlet and those necessary people” (by Jorge Denti).

At the premiere of the films, actors and directors will come to our room to share and discuss. To thrill us on the big screen. To think and think about ourselves. To feel and feel. To get closer and continue walking a collective dream.

The Social Cinema returns to the Municipal Hall of Unquillo

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