The Simpsons: they offer 7 thousand dollars to see all the episodes and help "predict" the future

In the last hours a dream news was known for many fans of the series created by Matt Groening. The `Platin Casino` from UK revealed that he decided to hire someone who is able to see each of the episodes of The Simpsons. To do this, they offer 7 thousand dollars, and an extra sum for Star + membership expenses and also a box of donuts per week.

The popular animated series has been characterized by making predictions in its episodes that later happened in real life. Some events that became relevant at the time, such as the fall of the twin towers, the presidencia de Donald Trump in the United States or one of the most recent: the travel to space tycoon Richard Branson, owner of the space tourism firm ‘Virgin Galactic’.

A casino offers 7 thousand dollars to see all the episodes of The Simpsons and help to “predict” the future (illustrative image).

In that sense, the Platin Casino wants to find the right person to watch each episode of The Simpsons and “Note the highlights of the program”. The purpose of this Casino is to “predict the future”, something similar to what happened in ancient Greece when they went to the oracles. “We are intrigued to see what is facing us in 2022″, they affirmed from the company.

Work as a “Simpsons analyst” will have an estimated duration of two months (eight weeks). According to the call launched by the casino, the chosen one must work a minimum of 35.5 hours per week. Just over seven hours from Monday to Friday.

This would be the time that the ‘Platin Casino’ estimates that it will be possible to see all the episodes of the 33 seasons of the series and even the movie of the yellow family. The chosen or chosen you will need to take “Highlight Notes” from the episodes and then share them with the rest of the workers.

We believe that work is a unique and dreamed role for many: who wouldn’t love to be paid to watch television, much less The Simpsons?, they expressed from the `Platin Casino`.

For its part, the total payment will be 5 thousand pounds sterling (about 700 thousand Argentine pesos). Likewise, the company will deliver 75 pounds (10,000 pesos) to contract the subscription to Disney +, the streaming platform that transmits the series, and the price of the Internet receipt for the two months of work. And as if that were not enough, the chosen one will receive a weekly box of donuts like those of ‘Lard Lad Donuts’ that loves so muchHomero’.

Finally, those who wish to apply must enter the casino website and complete the form. Some of the requirements is Being over 18 years, master the english language, own strong writing skills and have access to a television or computer to be able to see all the chapters. In addition, you will have to substantiate why they should choose them and it is also advisable to be fans of The Simpsons but this point is not exclusive.

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