The silent black monk who puts Juan Manzur’s power game at risk

After the harsh and unexpected electoral defeat of the STEP 2021, President Alberto Fernandez He decided to change his Cabinet after he publicly demanded it, through an open letter that exposed the fragility of the leadership, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. One of the requests was the arrival of Juan Manzur, to whom she said she did not have him as her most trusted person.

Finally, Manzur, after a tortuous disagreement with his vice de Tucuman, Osvaldo JaldoHe accepted to be the chief of the Nation’s Cabinet and for that he put some conditions that immediately, perhaps desperately, everyone accepted. The first one to do it was Alberto Fernandez, who needed to “take a breath” and also had to get rid of one of the few who could and can tell him the things he does not like, Santiago Cafiero, who went to the Chancellery to replace the surprised Felipe Solá.

Immediately Manzur took the reins of the Government and showed a hyper-active agenda, holding meetings starting at 07:00 in the morning in his office in the Casa Rosada and even taking a private plane to go to Washington and discuss with the authorities of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an agreement that has not yet been closed.

Julio Vitobello, a few years ago, with Alberto Fernández.

For “politics”, one of the most important decisions he had made was the appointment of Valeria Zapesochny as responsible for the management of the budget guidelineIn other words, the box that manages and regulates the humor of the media, which, for any government, is everything, or almost.

However, this initial “push”, in which the saying “new broom sweeps well” was fulfilled, lasted as long as a sigh in the air, to be poetic and not rude. Fifteen days later, that glow was already lost and his word began to be discussed until he ended up being a divided Chief of Staff.

One of the main reasons for his arrival was the erratic official communication, damaged because the president “went out everywhere, received anyone and got us into every problem that later took weeks to get out,” as the outgoing spokesperson admitted, Juan Pablo Biondi.

Biondi left and Manzur had begun to handle the communicational until, a month after his inauguration, they appointed him, without his consent, the official Presidential “spokesperson”, Gabriela Cerruti, linked to the most radicalized sectors of the ruling front and Buenos Aires such as Fernández.

The new “loss” suffered was precisely his greatest achievement. While they did not confirm the name, it is a fact that Valeria Zapesochny She will no longer work as the person responsible for managing the funds of the Media Secretariat and that her place will be in charge of a person appointed by Julio Vitobello, the increasingly influential secretary general of the Presidency and a member of the small table they share with Cafiero, Gustavo Beliz Y Vilma Ibarra.

Vitobello is, perhaps, of all those named the most jealous and the one who did not pay any cost for the clandestines of Olivos made at the worst time of deprivation of the rest of society. Loyalty to the president is such that his word begins to weigh much more when, also for his good, others often give him advice that goes against the first presidential reaction.

“Between a pimp and a counselor, the first one always wins, even though those involved are very close friends of the president,” reasons someone who, undoubtedly, does not want him. Or at least he believes that this need to ratify his role in the centrality albertist he always does support, without reviewing anything, the wishes of the head of state.

Vitobello is responsible for one of the few strong coincidences of the Frente de Todos. The majority of the albertists do not want it, but neither do a great official Máximo Kirchner, Sergio Massa or Juan Manzur, who suffers it almost daily,

“Juan is a bulldozer, order a lot of what is turningHe speaks with everyone with confidence and knows the needs of politics, governors, mayors, the opposition … He also knows how far to give or not with his own. It’s a shame we are filing it ourselves, but that’s how Alberto is. He says yes to everyone and then the little dishes in the air get complicated, “revealed someone who knows him, suffers from it, and loves him.

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