The sharp survey that puts Kirchnerism in crisis in Mendoza

A growth of Change Mendoza and a crashing fall of the Front of All. That is what the polling firm DC Consultores anticipates for the province of Mendoza ahead of the November 14 elections. If this prognosis is confirmed, Kirchnerism would suffer a historic blow with a performance well below the amount of votes it has known how to display.

To such an extent that for the consulting firm directed by Aníbal Urios if the elections were today the formula that integrates Anabel Fernandez Sagasti and Adolfo Bermejo they would only reach 14.2% of the votes. That is, the Kirchnerism it would get 10 points less than in the primary elections. If so, the setback would be resounding.

At the same time it speaks of an even greater growth in the intention of votes of Change Mendoza. For DC Consultants If the elections were today, 54.8% would vote for the formula of Alfredo Cornejo and Julio Cobos. This represents a growth of almost 13 points compared to PASO.

Finally, with regard to third forces, the election of the Green party with a growth of some points reaching 8.6% followed by Come on Mendoza with half that percentage: 4.3%.

One way to explain the debacle that is looming for Peronism in Mendoza is the collapse of the image of Alberto Fernandez. On Mendoza the president has a negative image of 70% and a regular 13%. Only 15.8% of the people of Mendoza have a positive image of the leader of the National Executive and that would be affecting the PJ candidates.


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