The shadow that can overshadow the joy of the front Together in November

Sunday was pure joy for the front Together for Change. On Monday, social networks were filled with memes and euphoric comments about the historic triumph they achieved in the vast majority of the country’s provinces. However, in the next few hours your referents will have a huge challenge if they really want to achieve that the same result is replicated in November: unit. In most of the places where it prevailed Together for Change he did so thanks to the fact that he had several lists of candidates and in some cases the bells internal organizations were stark and now they will have to rebuild those relationships.

Maybe in the province of Buenos Aires The first step has already been taken with the joint celebration between Facundo Manes and Diego Santilli, but in other jurisdictions the climate is rarefied. In CABA there are even doubts about what the voter will do Ricardo López Murphy. Will you lean towards Maria Eugenia Vidal or some voters will leak to the list of Javier Had?

Situations like these are repeated throughout the country. On Santa FeFor example, there were four lists of Together for Change with big names and throughout the campaign thick ammunition was fired. Amalia Granata He denounced foul play and accused other candidates of viralizing videos of his birthday party. If the opposition front wants to win in November, it will have to resolve these types of short-circuits and show a Amalia Granata accompanying in the campaign Carolina Losada and Mario Barletta.

Same in Tucuman where the ballot German Alfaro defeated the mayor’s list in the intern Mariano campero and that of the historic legislator Jose Cano, who was last. Or in Córdoba, where although the main fight was fought between the list of Luis Judge against that of Mario Negri, there were two other Together for Change ballots in the dark room.

Alfredo Cornejo, Mario Negri, Gerardo Morales, Patricia Bullrich.

Although Mario Negri come out to openly endorse Luis Judge and Facundo Manes celebrate the triumph of Diego Santilli the doubt that many have in the opposition space is whether the votes will be transferred linearly to the winner of the internal one. Especially the votes from the lists that failed to put candidates on the ballot for the general elections.

The main headache is that this problem is repeated in practically all the provinces of the country. On Chubut there were three lists and in The Pampa five. To repeat the result, they must be fastened as an option. Same in The Chaco, (three lists), Entre Ríos (three lists), Misiones (five lists), in Jump (four lists) or in Santa Cruz (six lists).

In the land of the Kirchner Together for Change was widely imposed with 38.6% against 26.46% of the Front of All. But Peronism only presented one list while the result of Juntos adds up the votes from six different lists. The same in Tierra del Fuego with the five lists of Together and one of the Kirchnerism.

The engineering task will not be easy and some priests will have to put their egos aside. Not only the candidates, but the shipowners who accompanied the different lists as Ernesto Sanz, Martin Lousteau, Alfredo Cornejo, Mauricio Macri, Patricia bullrich and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, among others.

In these months they will have to bring out their capacity for dialogue and join forces against the “common enemy” that the Kirchnerism. But even if they achieve it, it is not a guarantee that the voter is not going to opt for a different option in the general elections. The incentive they find on the opposition front is that their mission -although complex- seems simpler than the one they have on the Front of All. There the electoral setback threatens to break the unity that Peronism had already achieved.

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