The severe warning of hard Kirchnerism to Alberto Fernández

The overwhelming defeat in the PASO only rekindled the fierce internals in the Front of All, where the invoice passes are common currency and the claims became the paradigm of the relations of force between the different components of the ruling party. In this framework, the Harder Kirchnerism intensified its demands and demands from the president Alberto Fernandez that he urgently replace his cabinet if he wants to avoid a new role in the legislative elections in November.

Instead of joining forces and building new policies that reverse the serious mistakes made in a year and a half of poor and scandal-ridden management, the ruling party got involved in an inert discussion that only posed two possible scenarios for the national government: a turn towards restraint and orthodoxy in the best style Sergio Massa to attract the middle class and calm the establishment, or a radicalization of hard Kirchnerism that results in a greater intervention of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in management.

“There are a lot of people like Juan Grabois, María de los Ángeles Sacnun, Hugo Yasky, Mario Secco and Andrés Larroque, asking for more Kirchnerism. And on the other hand, Sergio Massa is also spoken of as future head of Cabinet or in a super-ministry of Economy“, said the journalist Laura Di Marco in the program + Voces, of the channel LN+, on what is being discussed in the Front of All as a possible course of the Government in the coming months.

The Government is torn between two models: that of Cristina Kirchner and that of Sergio Massa.

However, Alberto Fernández has other intentions, Eduardo Feinmann added: “I have the information that there will be no cabinet change at least until now. The president’s idea is not to make changes until November so as not to ‘burn’ more political capital in advance. “Meanwhile, Fernando Carnota provided other information in the same sense:” Alberto Fernández says ‘I resist Santiago Cafiero, I give it to Martín Guzmán’“.

But this stance would bring the president greater friction with the tough Kirchnerism that is fed up with its ambivalences. According to Carnota, “in the Patria Institute are convinced that if there are no name changes in the cabinet, there will be no sign of wanting to correct the course“to regain the trust of the people and win the elections.

The two key figures that reveal the Government

Beyond what happens with the cabinet, the ruling party is thinking about how to narrow the vote gap with the opposition and reverse the result of the primaries in November. “There are two important numbers that the Government is looking at: 2.5 million people who did not vote in the STEP, so they expect them to go in November; and the 2 million votes difference that Juntos por el Cambio got from him across the country, “Feinmann said.

In this framework, Carnota specified that an important part of this comeback process will be determined by the mayors of the Buenos Aires suburbs, who maintain that “those millions of people who did not go to vote represent between 7 and 8 percent on which they they have the ability to drive their own ranks, and that they are the ones that supposedly the lazy mayors did not look for to take them to the voting centers. “

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