The series finale could play with the timeline

After more than three decades on the air, 33 seasons and 714 original episodes (the last of them not so good); many wonder when the day will come when ‘The Simpson’ announce its end and, with it, the end of an entire era not only on television, but in pop culture in general.

However, although many consider that the golden age of the family of Springfield It has already happened, that does not mean that the series does not continue to be one of the most profitable for its owners (Fox, now Disney), so a conclusion is not in sight in the near future. Your arrival in the catalog of Disney Plus has only reaffirmed that conviction and, according to the producer Al Jean, they are seen celebrating the thousand chapters of ‘The Simpson’ (something like 12 more seasons).

During the same statements (collected by the Herald); Jean He confessed that although it will not happen soon, he has thought about how to give a memorable closure to ‘The Simpson’, and that would be turning it into a series without end.

“I mentioned that there would be an ending where in the last episode they would return to the Christmas parade of the first chapter, so that the whole series would be a continuous loop”revealed the producer and screenwriter.

Via The Herald.

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