The Senate of the Nation suffered the attack of hackers

On January 12 around 4:00 in the morning, The Senate of the Nation suffered an attack by hackers. The Computer Security team is already working to recover operability, as reported by the Senate itself through its official Twitter account.

“This type of attack, called ransomware, were perpetrated in recent months against various public bodies, of the Judiciary and front-line companies, ”says the statement.

These types of attacks seek to steal sensitive information and then demand a ransom for it, under the threat of spreading it. “In the case of the Senate of the Nation, all the stolen information is public and it is available to everyone within our transparency site”, they reassured from the institution chaired by Cristina Kirchner.


After the attack, the Senate Information Security team began working to determine the “sequestered” information, recover it and protect sensitive data that may exist. “So far, most of the relevant information has been retrieved. and isolate sensitive equipment, which will allow us to recover operations as soon as possible”, they highlighted via Twitter.

In general, these types of attacks occur when a misconfiguration or lack of security update is discovered.

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