The secrets of Chantal, Stefi Roitman’s sister who stole all eyes at her wedding with Ricky Montaner

Lavish, multitudinous, luxurious and ostentatious. The marriage of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman he paralyzed the presses on Saturday night, for all the seasonings that were geared to build an event of extreme fascination for the caliber of the bride and groom and the international guests.

The wedding of the famous Venezuelan singer and the Argentine influencer caused an unusual interest, thus details of everything that involved the organization of that evening came to light, such as the exclusive selected field, which had an impressive structure. As well as the succulent investment for the event, which is estimated to be around one million dollars.

In all this unusual attraction, with the focus on the activities of the Montaner clan, the figure of Chantal Rotiman. Stefi’s younger sister stole the gaze from many of the 400 guests, as well as all the social media users who consumed the posts.

The 25-year-old looked impeccable, with a dress specially designed by Jorge Ibáñez, with which she occupied the privileged role of bridesmaid. So Chantal appeared in dozens of photos and always with a smile from ear to ear, with which she conveys enormous sympathy.

It was discovered by a large portion of the public on Saturday, with all the rebound that the wedding generated. The youngest of the Roitmans is a professional makeup artist and studied psychology. In addition, in the last time he followed Stefi’s advice and started a greater load of his digital profiles.

Ricky Montaner’s wife always lavished beautiful words on him, confirming that their bond transcends everything. “It is more than a blood bond, more than a friendship, more than any union … She and I are one. Just by looking at her I know perfectly what is going through her mind”, He counted in a post.

PTo complete the definition of her sister, Stefi added:He has the most desired patience on planet Earth. His days are happiness, even though the world is falling, he always casts his magic and makes everything around him look better”.

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