“The Scudetto started with Atalanta. Sanchez? I’ll tell you what I think”

Did Gasperini inspire you?
“Gasperini has been doing well at Atalanta for many years, football has evolved over the years and occupying spaces at the right time is increasingly important. It will be a beautiful, physical race to be experienced. As in the first leg, with very high rhythms “.

Is it a Scudetto match against Atalanta?
“Absolutely yes, Atalanta are fourth and are constantly improving. It’s a championship game ”.

Will he open the lion cage for Sanchez?
“Sanchez was instrumental and I am happy to train him. For a coach, seeing the action that determined the match, with the four entering the game in progress and moreover Vidal was also decisive with his entry, is a great satisfaction. Sanchez is a great asset, but I will evaluate for the match against Atalanta. But I had already said, Sanchez is a champion who always wants to learn and learn, he didn’t need a goal against Juve, he has already settled down for two months “.

FC Internazionale v Juventus Italian Super Cup

Is there something in you that has changed in the approach?
“I think awareness, I also reviewed the first leg against Atalanta and we have always expressed good football. Then certain episodes made us lose points. But I think that the awareness and continuity of performance and results has motivated us and now even those who take over do it at their best. The Super Cup is clear ”.

Will Atalanta-Inter be decided by the defenders or by the forwards?
“Physical duels will decide it a lot and we know that against Atalanta and certain teams you have to win many individual challenges and remain lucid. We will have to know how to suffer and be good at leaving the Super Cup victory behind us because it will be a very important championship challenge “.

Gian Piero Gasperini, Simone Inzaghi

Are you expecting a left winger?
“We are always in great contact with the president and then I am very lucky to have Marotta, Ausilio and Baccin working 24 hours a day. We see that they are all trying to improve and if the opportunity arises we will be ready”.

How is the situation of Vecino and Sensi?
“At the moment they had less space but I talked to them and for me they are two players that I would always keep with me. They are strong and of quality, when I used them and I remember Sensi with Genoa or Vecino against Atalanta, they did very well. At the moment they play less but if they stay they will find space. Then if they want to play we will always understand, but the club knows what I think of them “.

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