The SCT concludes expert opinions on the plane crash of Erika Alonso and Moreno Valle

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) concluded the investigations and expert opinions on the plane crash in which Martha Erika Alonso, governor of Puebla and her husband Rafael Moreno Valle, PAN senator, died, which occurred on December 24, 2018, by which corresponds to the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office to determine if there are those responsible for these events.

This was stated by the head of the SCT, Jorge Arganis, when he appeared before the Senate, where he reiterated that the helicopter accident was derived from a technical failure.

“The SCT carried out through the Federal Civil Aviation Agency the investigations and the corresponding opinion, the results of which were delivered in due time. To date, the government of the state of Puebla has the case in its hands and is signing the corresponding responsibilities” .

He argued that the failure was of a technical nature that involved the increased stabilization system of the helicopter, affecting the electronic role actuators, that is the term they use technically.

“The crew had up-to-date training, valid licenses and the maintenance of the aircraft up-to-date and operating permit in order. The manufacturer found two loose screws in the stability-increasing system and it is now in the hands of the government of Puebla to determine whether there are any responsible for the Prosecutor’s Office to be able to handle them, “he stressed.

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