The scene that "Jim" from "The Office" refused to record for an unusual reason

“The Office” is an American adaptation of a British series of the same name. Since its launch in 2005 it became one of the most beloved comedies and that over the years became traditional among the “seriéfilos”. With its nine seasons aired on NBC and more than 200 episodes, it also conquered Latin American audiences who now enjoy it through streaming platforms such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Everything took place, as the name implies, around an office and in each chapter a different story was told. However, in recent days it became known that there was one that never came to light and it was all thanks to the actor’s intervention John Krasinski, who played the protagonist “Jim Halpert”.

The moment Jim was about to cheat on Pam

Jim was an employee of a paper company who every day looked for excuses to start a conversation with “Pam” (Jenna Fischer), the receptionist with whom he was always in love and who was his accomplice in the jokes he played on his colleagues.

The viewers saw how the love between them grew season by season and they became an endearing couple. In the eighth installment, she was pregnant and the writers came up with Jim cheating on her. But the actor was firm in his decision not to.

The idea was for him to kiss with Cathy, the woman who replaced Pam in her old position. “There is a threshold that you can push your audience up to because they are so dedicated and we have shown them a lot of respect. But there is a time when, if you push them too hard, they will never come back. And I think if we showed Jim being unfaithful, that would happen”, Krasinski recounted in the book Welcome to Dunder Miffflin.

John assured that he never saw himself as a conflictive actor but that he was sure that his character would not cheat on his wife. “It is the only time I remember saying that I do not pass this way. I remember saying everything that I thought I would never say like ‘I’m not going to shoot this’. The fans were very comfortable with the series they were receiving, and I needed to worry them with the suspicion that it might give them a bad ending, so that they would be happy when they received a good ending.”, He sentenced.

Jim and Pam became an endearing couple at The Office and Krasinski refused to film a scene that would break the magic.

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