The reasons why Claudia Villafañe does not want Sueño Bendito, Maradona’s new series to premiere

On October 29 it finally opens Maradona: Blessed Dream through the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. Claudia Villafañe fights from the beginning so that it does not premiere, the controversial series about the life of father of his daughters

On Controversy at the bar, Luis Ventura, Marcela Tauro, Augusto Tartúfoli, Gastón Recondo and Mercedes Ninci They discussed the arrival of the alleged biopic, they gave an account of the reasons of the ex-wife of the Ten for which she has been taking legal action through her lawyer, Fernando Mocking, to stop its premiere.

Diego Maradona

Marcela tauro declared that when Diego was alive and authorized the realization of the series he put 14 points that had to be respected. Some of these points are the ones that bothered Claudia Villafañe. “That’s why Claudia sent a lot of a document letter with Burlando because they wanted to know what they were going to say in those 14 points”.

Tartúfoli counted: “What bothered Claudia the most, it seems to me, was that, I think Diego emphasized showing the fact that the one who initiates him on drugs is Claudia’s father. That killed Claudia. So it was one of the points that Diego wanted to make clear “He pointed out the reason for Claudia’s annoyance.

The truth is that despite Claudia’s denial, the bioseries will premiere on October 29 through the platform Amazon Prime Video, where the first 5 chapters can be seen. But the first chapter can be seen on the screen of The nine the day before, on October 28, at 10 p.m.

On the other hand, chapters 6 and 7 will be available only on November 5. On November 12 the eighth episode will be released, on November 19 it will be the turn of chapter 9; and only on November 26 will be released the tenth episode that will conclude this first season, of the two planned in principle.

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