The real reason why Myriam Bregman refused to greet Javier Milei

As expected, Javier Milei and Myriam Bregman they starred in the most tense and controversial moments of the television debate in which the candidates for national deputies for the City of Buenos Aires participated and which took place last night on the program A Dos Voces, on the TN channel.

The FIT candidate even refused to say hello to the libertarian candidate during the first face-to-face meeting of all the candidates at the door of the television studio and he also denied the greeting at the end of the debate.

The gesture of Bregman She did not go unnoticed and generated a stir on social media, where many criticized her for her rudeness. However, the FIT candidate redoubled the bet and explained the reasons why she refused to greet mercy.

Javier Milei and Myriam Bregman maintained strong crossovers in the debate.

“I am not so cynical of greeting someone who calls me shitty left-handed and surrounds himself with followers who support the civic-military dictatorship,” he justified his gesture. Bregman.

Bregman assured that mercy “he did not dare to tell” all the things he says on Twitter. “He came very polite to get a vote from Vidal, but he is the same one who says ‘lefties are going to run’ in his actions,” he added Bregman, angry with the harangues of the libertarian economist.

“When he had to show his face and ask me, he didn’t do it,” he added. Bregman, referring to one of the most tense moments of the debate, in which mercy preferred to speak out against the “political caste” rather than ask a question to Bregman.


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