The real reason why Alberto Fernández will not kick Luana Volnovich

A new scandal could lead to a fierce internment within the ruling party. The trip to the Caribbean of the PAMI holder, Luana Volnovich, and her boyfriend Martin Rodriguez, It meant a very hard image blow for the Government and for the President Alberto Fernandez, that despite the seriousness of the situation (and as it has done on other occasions) will not take action on the matter And it will let the controversy fade over time.

As explained on the channel LN+ the journalist Laura Di Marco, the controversial vacations of Luana Volnovich and Martín Rodríguez in the Caribbean generated “a scandal” inside the Government House. “I spoke with a minister close to Alberto Fernández and everyone is dismayed. Even They say they would throw her to Volnovich“he added.

But it is very likely that Volnovich and his partner will continue to lead PAMI. The ‘no comment’ that the presidential spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti He replied to the press “he hides a great internal within the Government” in which La Cámpora (the group to which the two officials involved belong) will end up winning the tug of war.

Luana Volnovich will not suffer major consequences for her trip to the Caribbean.

Di Marco argued it this way: “There is a scandal over a photo which replicates the other photo of Fabiola Yáñez. The president feels limited not only by Cristina Kirchner, since Volnovich responds directly to the vice president, but for the fact that he had another similar photo. “

Fabiola Yáñez’s birthday celebration that took place in Olivos during mandatory isolation in 2020 still haunts Alberto Fernández, and Kirchnerism will remind him of it at every possible opportunity, like this one.

“We have a president who cannot throw you out for a photo because he already has his own incriminating photo“concluded Di Marco.


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