The reaction in the networks after the poor performance of Javier Milei in the electoral debate

Last night the debate of candidates for national deputies of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires took place. After the meeting, different political analysts marked Javier mercy as the great loser of the contest due to the blurred image that he left and the lack of clarity when choosing the fights he had to give with his opponents. But in addition to that, he was lashed out on social media for his poor performance.

“The only defeated of the four was mercy. He underestimated the debate, he even seemed not to have prepared it enough. He did not know where to direct the firecrackers. He did not know which battles to join and which not. Worst of all, he stuttered, unsure and uncomfortable. And it was noticed, “explained the analyst Matias Mowszet in an extensive thread in which he expresses himself about the debate.

“The proof that mercy lost is the very diagnosis of his militancy and his base of support. She is the only one of the four militants who came out sad from the broadcast of TN. And if we said that the effect of the debate is purely cohesive, that’s what really matters, “he added.

“This shows that it is not the same to participate in a TV program where you can insult and that the conductors laugh at your occurrences, to a face to face with political professionals in a structured scheme where you cannot monopolize everything with shouting” , the journalist finished.

In social networks there was an immediate reaction to the image he left Javier Milei in the debate and the memes were not lacking.


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