The Queen of the South 3: Kate del Castillo is all the rage in Lima, where she is confused with “Verónika” Mendoza

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo is in Peru, where he records scenes for the Telemundo series The Southern Kingdom 3.

After a trip to Cusco, Del Castillo moved to Lima for a new setting in his series, where it caused a furor in the surroundings.

According to the Peruvian newspaper Trade, several of his fans came to Plaza San Martín to take advantage of the presence of the famous star.

Surrounded by her guards, the 48-year-old actress It was captured by several onlookers who were approaching the place.

“For these scenes of The Queen of the South 3, the Mexican actress wore blonde hair. In addition, she was dressed in a white blouse and a tight brown pants “, slogan Trade.

According to the publication, Del Castillo, who personifies the controversial Teresa Mendoza, He was recording with the actors Gerardo Zamora and Antonio Gil (who plays Oleg Yasikov).

In real life, Mendoza, who inspired the story of The Queen of the South, was the partner of Raimundo Dávila Parra, the Güero, well-known drug trafficker and aviator for the Juárez cartel.

(Photo: @alucinayvo/Twitter)


In full fury for the presence of Del Castillo in Lima and during a live broadcast, the presenter of a local media confused the character played by the Mexican actress, Teresa Mendoza.

“Exactly it is La Reina del Sur 3, starring Kate del Castillo; she plays Verónika Mendoza ”, said the communicator.

In fact, Verónika Mendoza is a recognized Peruvian politician, psychologist and anthropologist.

Del Castillo’s fans went crazy. (Photo: @ alucinayvo / Twitter)
(Photo: @ Agencia_Andina / Twitter)

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