The Provincial Senate gave its support to Salvador Mazza’s intervention project

In session, the Chamber of Senators from Salta approved the project for the intervention of the municipality of Salvador Mazza, taking into account the raids and millionaire kidnappings of vehicles, money and even a weapon to Mayor Rubén Méndez. Now, it will be the turn of the treatment in the Chamber of Deputies.

In turn, the senator for the department of San Martín, Manuel Pailler, took the floor and assured that although what happened during yesterday’s session surprised public opinion, it is not something new.

“We as a legislative body have to look at the situation that is being experienced in the town of Salvador Maza because although this has exploded yesterday, this has already been going on for several years“, said.

In this sense, he recalled that in 2017 he had already presented an intervention project that did not prosper because the Chamber of Deputies did not approve the opinion, which is why it could not be treated.

“The intendant he was dismissed that year and for problems, not of substance but of form, he was appealed to the Court of Justice where a failure nullifies the resolution of the Deliberative Council for errors made during the removal process, ”he indicated.

He also put on the table the numerous complaints carried out by the Deliberative Council of Salvador Mazza, by misappropriation of public funds, breach of the duties of a public official and for not respecting the Organic Charter. In addition, from vetoes to ordinances that were intended to control their management. He even has a criminal complaint for gender violence by his ex-wife.

Villada founded the reasons for the request for intervention before the Senate

Summoned by the Senate, the Minister of Government, Ricardo Villada, attended this Thursday afternoon to the Provincial Legislature, where he maintained that the request for intervention only reaches the executive department, taking into account that the Deliberative Council is working and that the replacement of mayors, elected on 15 May, will shortly take place. August.

He added that “the institutional remedy” proposed does not imply an assessment of the judicial sphere, but rather is part of the need to preserve the institutionality of the municipality taking into account that social credibility is required to be able to carry out the destinies of the people.

“A Law is in force that declares the socio-sanitary emergency for three departments of the North, plus the pandemic and the reopening of the borders is imminent, so a municipal leadership is required to pay attention to all these situations”Explained Villada.

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