The pride of Juana Viale: She believes that she is a superior being

Juana Viale was dispatched without euphemisms against a notary who asked her about her alleged affair with his partner from the play El ardor, Joaquin Berthold.

It happens that it spread a photo kissing him on the mouth and rumors of a romance were not long in coming. When asked about this, the actress did a kind of neglect of the worker of the program A la noche, hosted by Karina Mazzocco.

“We are very caramelized, we love each other very much. We love each other very much. He is married to Luciana. I am in a couple, we kiss and we are happy. We love each other very much. Love transcends certain codes, what happens is that there are generations like yours that still do not understand, “started the actress who is characterized by pride and lack of humility.

When the journalist managed to say that he was “burying” him, she minimized it: “I do not bury you, but I understand that people believe and think that love, and a kiss, or a hug or touching the hand is love for a couple “. It was then that the chronicler wanted to make a joke, but she stopped him short: “But I’m serious, not in a comedic tone.”

Juana resumed: “I imagine that certain people like you who are asking are missing an evolution or the people who see …. “. The notary, then, told her that it was not because of him but also because the rumor spread on social networks. And she continued with the none.” Worse, because if you believe what he says on the networks, you are wrong in the world. Love for me is much bigger“, He launched.

“There are very basic people, I say it without fury. With humor one has to say things, as in the play. Love is enormous and those who do not understand it are going to learn, that they have a life to correct themselves. I do not command to do anything, each one does what he can and what he wants, “he closed. When listening to the interview, Karina Mazzocco, ironized: “She is elevated, she flies, she is a superior being.”

The truth is that Berthold is in a couple and Juana is too. The matter, beyond the canchereada, is resolved.

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