The prices of 1,247 consumer products will be stable for 90 days

The head of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, announced on Wednesday an agreement with the main mass consumption companies and supermarket chains to maintain the stable prices of 1,247 mass consumption products – which include those of the Care Prices program – for 90 days, until January 7, 2022.

Feletti pointed out that the price agreement includes producers, suppliers, supermarket chains, wholesalers and retailers, and implies “rolling back the prices of more than 1,247 mass consumption products to October 1 for 90 days, until January 7, next year”.

For this, each of the companies that participated in the agreement must send the price lists signed by their legal representative during the day.

The next step contemplates the publication of the same this Thursday, so that consumers can have information on the 1,247 mass consumption products that make up the agreement, which include items such as food, hygiene and cleaning.

This list will also include the products that make up the Price Care program, so the current values ​​will continue to run until January 7, the official reported.

Feletti said that the Ministry of Internal Trade aims to adjust “the government’s income policy with the price policy. The indicator that we are going to use to define this situation has to do with the correlation of the impact of the basic food basket on the salary of a formal worker “.

“That ratio, when our government started, was 9% and today it is 11%, that is, despite the fact that they had joint women, it did not compensate for the price of food in the purchasing power of wages,” he said. the official.


In this context, the head of the Argentine Federation of Supermarkets and Self-services, Víctor Palpacelli, pointed out that they have “the intention of accompanying” but depend “on the industry being able to deliver the products to us with those price lists with retroactive dates.”

Supermarkets due to price freezing

For his part, the former candidate for governor for the PRO in Córdoba and president of the Center for the Dairy Industry, Ércole Felippa, criticized the measure because he indicated that “it is very difficult to control prices without controlling costs.”

Ércole Felippa for price freeze

Source: Télam.

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