The President resists changes in the Cabinet and concentrates on modifying the electoral strategy

The electoral blow that the Government received in the primaries of the whole country was felt in the spirits of the Casa Rosada, where President Alberto Fernández resumed the activity with an official act in which he made no reference to the polls.

The morning after the electoral results of the PASO, several leaders that make up the space of the Frente de Todos came out to ask for “urgent changes” in the Cabinet. Faced with this, in the environment of President Alberto Fernández they assure that they do not plan to make changes in the team, but they will appeal to modify the strategy since it is a defeat that “belongs to everyone.”

In this way, “albertismo” sought to distribute the responsibility in the defeat, taking advantage of the fact that none of the referents of the Frente de Todos came out strengthened from the electoral result.

The darts are aimed at the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, whom the Instituto Patria has claimed to run for months. In the first hours after the electoral stumble, Fernández returned to support his minister and his intention is to keep the entire team.

The first to come out blaming some of the officials close to the president was the social leader, Luis D’Elía, who expressed in dialogue with Rodo Herrera for Radio Colonia, that at the head of the Cabinet and in the Ministry of Economy the government “should go with other people ”. “We must make a generalized change of cabinet,” said D’Elía.

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Along the same lines, the president of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini stressed: “If the President does not change a lot of people next to him, who do the newspaper like Yrigoyen, a special newspaper for him, it won’t be able to work. “

For the reference of the Excluded Workers Movement (MTE,) Juan Grabois, the problem is in the names of those who accompany the government. “There is a very mediocre cabinet and there is no cabinet chief, the ministers do not talk to each other,” he said.

Despite the friendly fire against his cabinet, the president, Alberto Fernández, in the act where he presented the Buy Argentino Bill, declared: “I trust that the path that we started in 2019 will not be altered, and as far as we it concerns it will not be altered ”.

For his part, the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, was the first of the government officials to support the president’s management, and reiterated the call to the Kirchnerist militancy to recover the streets for November 14, as requested Fernández in the Chacarita bunker. (NA)

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