The Plaza Independencia Cultural Space opens

The reopening work was carried out over 5 years and consisted of countless works in the three spaces. Since its technological update and start-up, added to the restructuring of accesses, work areas, exhibition and performance. In addition, new ramps, inclusive toilets, bilingual signage, spaces with natural lighting, extensions, acoustic and thermal improvements, an integral fire protection system and an extensive list of aesthetic finishes were built, modernizing the places.

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The Quintanilla Theater will be in charge of Fernando “Godo” Giménez. The theater has 205 seats, three dressing rooms, two changing rooms, an independent prop space and a multipurpose room (SUM) that will serve together for the three spaces of the ECPI.

The museum, meanwhile, will be directed by Enrique Testasecca, and with Pablo Chiavazza as general producer of the museum staff, it will have a comprehensive signage system, similar to the one made in the MMAMM Annex of the Central Park. In this space there was also an important technological update, added to the great architectural work and the complete restoration of the building structure.

In the area of Ricardo Tudela Library, which will be in charge of Federico López, its reading space has been expanded and a sector for children has also been incorporated. It has been illuminated in a natural way and incorporated directly into the exhibition hall.

How will the inauguration be

The official inauguration will take place this Sunday at 20 where a magical and metaphorical tour linked to contemporary art will be offered, reviewing six decades of the opening of the MMAMM and the Quintanilla theater, a tradition in the performing and visual arts of Mendoza. The show will be intertwined with the dancing waters of the central fountain, where artists will perform a performance to the beat of percussion, violin and DJ.

In the voice of minstrels played by Adrián Sorrentino, Nicolás Mestre and Víctor Silione, the inaugural tour will begin to unfold. On your way you will be able to see seven models, with costumes that will showcase the contemporary aesthetic thinking of creative haute couture.

The official voice will come to life to invite those present to the opening of the doors of the long-awaited and respected Municipal Museum of Modern Art of Mendoza. That will be the moment of the warm welcome of all the personnel that is in charge of the space.

Quintanilla Theater2.jpg

Later, the library will arrive, with a winged character and the interpretation of the renowned actor Darío Anís in the role of the librarian that will put space back into operation. The minstrels will continue to the Guard and Restoration Area, where the importance of one of the most significant sectors of the space will be explained. There the actor David Laguna will participate with some humorous contributions.

The general coordinator of the ECPI, Doc. Daniel Rueda, will share details of the exhibition “Reconstrucción”, a heritage exhibition of the visual arts of Mendoza. There, works by Fidel de Lucía, Berni, Quesada, the Engraving Club and a sculpture patio will be appreciated..

The path will continue to the doors of the theater, so that Don Julio Quintanilla invites to his home by the hand of distinguished personalities of Mendoza art. Ernesto Suarez, Marcela Montero, Daniel Quiroga, Priscila Resca, Vilma Rúpulo, Alicia Casares, Aníbal Villa, Rafael Rodríguez, Gabriela Simón, Jorge Fornés, Javier Segura, Gabriel Nazar and Sasha Nazar (Gauchito Club), Iván Martínez, Ivana Chavarini, Mario Galván (piano) and Fabricio Colombo (bandoneon) will be at the forefront of the return of these historic tables.

The event will feature more surprises such as a collection of vintage cars from the Mendoza and Orlando Morresi Collection Vehicle Club, period dancers performing choreography and much more. The closing will be on the terrace, where a jazz show by the Municipal Orchestra and the voice of Marianela Martin will be appreciated.

Artistic opening and schedules

The artistic opening of the Quintanilla theater will be with a special performance of the acclaimed Municipal Comedy «The wind in a violin», written by Claudio Tolcachir and directed by Agustín daguerre. Wednesday, October 20 at 9:30 p.m. there will be a free function, with limited space. While on October 21 a second function will take place at the same time where the ticket will have a value of $ 500.

On the weekend, for its part, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of October, at 9:30 p.m. Diego Flores will present his humorous work “I survived a Gemini couple”.

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The museum, for its part, will open its doors with Guided tours after the official opening on Sunday in two shifts, with 2 bubbles of 70 people and a duration of 45 minutes each route. The first shift will be at 9:30 pm and the second at 10:15 pm. People who wish to attend must register in advance through this link.

Subsequently, The museum will operate from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 4 to 8 p.m.

For its part, the Tudela library It will serve the public from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.. While the Quintanilla theater programming can be consulted in the agenda of the City of Mendoza.

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