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The heat arrived, these days the temperatures exploded above 30 degrees and no one at this time can resist a good ice cream. Within the framework of the Authentic Artisan Ice Cream Week, a new edition of “The Night of the Ice Cream Parlors”.

This year there are about 20 businesses in the city that They will offer the second quarter of ice cream at no cost. It is specifically 18 branches of 10 different ice cream parlors, a higher number than those that participated in 2020, which was traversed by the pandemic restrictions, but considerably less than that of previous years editions.

In other editions, the quarter and the kilo were sold at half price, while this year the promotion of the 2×1. Something important is that for all tastes are part of the initiative: Do you already know which ones you are going to order?

With the pleasant temperatures that have been appearing at the end of November, going for a walk and looking for one of the ice cream parlors adhering to this promotion and initiative may be a good option to end the day.

“The Night of the Ice Cream Parlors” This year brings together about 300 affiliated establishments throughout the country. Thus, this Thursday from 7 p.m. until the closing of each ice cream parlor, With the purchase of ¼ kg of ice cream, another quarter will be given away.

The activity takes place within the framework of the 37th edition of the Authentic Artisan Ice Cream Week.

Taking into account the health context, a responsible celebration will be sought, respecting health protocols to live a night in the ice cream parlors and again with people enjoying the premises.

The benefits included and the businesses included in this promotion are published in the official website of the Municipal Tourism Authority.

According to what was reported by the Emtur, the adhered premises are:

L´Sucre ice creams: Av. Juan B. Justo 485; Santa Fe 3480; Independence 485.

Port Helado: October 12, 3078.

Eduardiko ice cream: Of. Arturo Alió 1033; Of. Libertad 5401.

Capurro ice cream: Boulevard Marítimo Patricio Peralta Ramos 1073

Heladeria Frio’s: Of. Mario Bravo 1857; Of. Jara 1380; route 88 N8923; San Juan 2499.

Kelly Ice Cream: Of. Edison 1599.

Polar ice creams: Fortunato de la Plaza 4601.

Avgvstvs: Alem 3570.

Kiwi ice cream: Alberti corner La Rioja.

Ricolatto Ice Cream: Jujuy 2213; San Juan 966-

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