The PJ’s desperate turn of the wheel to get away from La Cámpora

The overwhelming defeat on Sunday forced Mendoza’s Peronism to change course in the face of the November 14 elections. In this context, there was a turn of the wheel and The field he lost control of the electoral campaign. From now on, the campaign manager will be the mayor of Tunuyán Martín Aveiro and it was clear that they will try to get away from the negative image of the National government to which they affirm it is necessary to “go to gasoline”.

Aveiro is a candidate for national senator in second term, behind the head of the list Anabel Fernandez Sagasti. The protected national senator from Cristina Fernández de Kirchner he is going for reelection but the result of Sunday set off the alarms and forced to recalculate the strategy.

The Front of All obtained 25% of the votes against 43% of the votes of Change Mendoza. Those numbers were a hard blow for Mendoza’s Peronism that also made it clear that it will try to detach itself from the bad image it has in Mendoza the national government of Alberto Fernandez.

“The challenge of adding is unity, and that the National government pass the management to gasoline “, shot the candidate for national deputy Adolfo Bermejo in his social networks after thanking him to Lucas Ilardo for the task carried out and to announce that Martín Aveiro is the new campaign manager.

“We listened to what the polls said; we continue working,” added the provincial legislator who is committed to reaching the Congress of the Nation.

In this way Mendoza’s Peronism begins to travel a new path with the aim of once again convincing voters who decided to support minority parties either directly voted blank or did not go to the polls.

What is clear is that in Mendoza the PJ has decided to turn to the interior of the province and distance itself from the national scandals that have involved the president Alberto Fernandez. What will be difficult will be to detach oneself from hard Kirchnerism and the figure of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, with which it is clearly referenced Anabel Fernandez Sagasti.


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