The pilgrim images of the Miracle already roam the streets of the city

As anticipated Get informed, after 12 noon, the pilgrim images of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle, replicas that usually go to other provinces or are placed in the atrium of the Cathedral on special dates, they went out to visit the four cardinal points of the city so that the faithful can renew their faith and, in this way, discourage in a way that they crowd in the central event.

The images They will leave from inside the Basilica Cathedral to Calle España where they will be located in the conditioned vehicles and later they will begin the route of approximately 58 kilometers.

“When the proposal arises that the pilgrim images visit the streets of our city, they think about it with two objectives. The first is that the neighborhoods can also experience the presence of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle. allow us to go beyond the capital, the Miracle is going to visit the neighborhoods“said Daniel Ochoa, vicar and spokesman for the Cathedral of Salta.

An important reason for this new modality is to avoid crowds around the sanctuary and the February 20 Monument on Wednesday afternoon, since the faithful will not be able to participate in the central procession. They will only be allowed to approach the streets surrounding the route, with a limit of attendees per block.

“It also has an evangelizing purpose, because is to bring the Miracle of Salta to families, homes, parishes, since it will pass through important points and hospitals that have worked in the fight against the coronavirus. It is a tour that will last approximately four hours and that at a certain point it will enter into simultaneity with what is going to happen in the Cathedral, “said Ochoa.

How is the circuit, step by step

FIRST PART – Calle España – Zuviría – Av. Belgrano – Paseo Güemes – Av. Bicentennial of the Battle of Salta – Av. Reyes Católicos – Plaza Árabe – Av. Reyes Católicos – Plaza del Deporte – Dr. Samsón – Av. Constitución – Av. Robustiano Coasts Pattern – Jaime Durand – Av. Ricardo Reimundín – Rotonda (Av. República de Bolivia).

SECOND PART – Continuing along Avenida Democracia – Lucrecia E. Barquet – Evangelina Botta de Nicolai – Av. República de Bolivia – enter the roundabout at the Refinor Service Station – Juan de Matienzo – Bartolomé Miter – Martin Silvia de Gurruchaga – February 20.


THIRD PART – You will enter through the roundabout of the Simón Bolívar square – Av. Arenales – Rotonda Colegio San Pablo – Gral. Savio – Av. Del Libertador – Av. Federico Lacroze – Plaza Centro Cívico Grand Bourg – Reyes de España – Av. San Martin – Av. Juan XXIII – Av. Usandivaras – Cnel. Vidt – Corrientes – Av. Jujuy – Av. Paraguay – Rotonda Limache – Av. Banchick – Roundabout entrance at the YPF Service Station.

FOURTH PART – The last section will be from Av. Mariano Moreno – Av. Roberto Romero – Diario la Prensa – Av. Ex. Combatiente de Malvinas – Rotonda de Limache – Av. Monseñor Tavella – entrance to Colectora de Av. Monseñor Tavella – Route N ° 26 – Av. Pontussi – Calle 109 – Calle 120 – Av. Descépolo – Nicolás Medina – San Benedetti – Av. José de Gurruchaga – Julio Argentino Roca – Costa Rica – Av. Italia – Av. De Las Américas – Venezuela – Av. Ecuador – Av. Delgadillo – Av. Italia – Av. José de Artigas – Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen – Bus Terminal – Cornejo Saravia – Dr. Mariano Boedo – Av. José Tobías – Apolinario Saravia – Spain.

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