The photos of the house that Marcelo Tinelli wants to buy and cannot in Nordelta

He wanted to do it for many years, but his family did not accompany him. His work, then, was not helping him either. Marcelo Tinelli had young children, who went to school in the Palermo area. “And they didn’t want to know anything about leaving town and moving,” say those who know him. The “nenas“They grew up, their production company stopped being in Palermo and … ‘the chance has come’.

This is how before the pandemic Marcelo Hugo rented a mansion in Nordelta to have the place in the world that he always dreamed of less than 50 kilometers from his apartment in Le Parc. “At the touch I was already fascinated”, they say in their inner circle about life on the outskirts of the city.

Away from the noise, the lights, the incessant traffic, Tinelli found a balm to relieve stress, to connect with nature and green in his move to Tigre. The landing of the driver occurred a few weeks after the reconciliation with Guillermina Valdés, in 2020 in which the couple surfed due to several crises.

In the first instance, the couple went to the mansion in the neighborhood The Beavers (the most expensive in the area, next to El Golf and La Isla) to relax during the weekends; However, the beauties of that space seduced Tinelli to undertake the purchase operation, which implies an onerous investment.

The truth is that this home has impressive amenities such as its 780 square meters covered, in a lot of 1500 meters in total, which stands out for its direct bridge with the lagoon, to the point that the garden directly offers the possibility of immersing yourself in the waters for a canoe ride.

Regarding the structure, the house in which Tinelli lives has six bedrooms, a gym, a play room, a giant swimming pool, three garages, a very spacious kitchen and a super comfortable living room with large windows to create a fantastic horizon.

Marcelo is delighted with the possibilities that this property offers him, that is why he usually shares different moments of relaxation with his whole family in his social networks, especially the enjoyment of sunbathing and looking at the lake.

It is estimated that this mansion, barely nine years old, has a high value, in line with the lavishness of its finish and its size, which is around 2.5 million dollars. Despite this figure, Marcelo wishes to complete the purchase operation in the short term.

Of course, in the meantime, he maintains the floors of the impressive Le Parc tower in Palermo, where all the members of his family reside, even with an exclusive space for Guillermina. Can Marcelo crystallize his dream of acquiring this house in Nordelta?

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