The photo of the first public outing of Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin, his girlfriend, in Punta del Este

Hours after the end of 2021 and in the last program of “Los Angeles de la Mañana”, Yanina Latorre launched a bomb that left everyone in shock and there are still some people who continue to process the news. And it is that, the little angel said that Benjamín Vicuña had found love in the arms of a friend of Pampita.

Yes, you read correctly. The Chilean chose to go out with one of his ex’s best friends, the same one who accused him of being unfaithful and created a scandal that everyone already knows. It took a long time for the famous to iron out the rough edges and get along for their children, until the China I attended family events.

Everything rotted when they parted ways Vicuña and the China, there were many rumours, hundreds. Some said that she had left him because he had been unfaithful to her, others claimed that Suarez She cheated on him more than once with Nico Furtado and he, tired, decided to put an end to that relationship that he had had for a few years.

Now, everything is in the past because apparently China is dating a Spanish model, while Vicuña with a friend of Pampita. His name is Eli Sulichin, is 32 years old and is a young woman who comes from nepotism. Her father is a renowned banker and she is not looking for fame at all.

When the news was known, apparently it did not sit well with the China because he decided to share a topless video in the middle of the field and then disappeared for weeks. Although a few hours ago a photo of the actress made everyone think that in recent days she had been in the same place as her ex.

Meanwhile Benjamin Vicuna not hidden and decided to submit to Eli publicly. The Chilean and the blonde went out to eat at La Huella, a well-known José Ignacio restaurant that stars usually frequent. A person recognized them and decided to take a photo of them to show that everything is going well for the couple.

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