The peace of mind of virtualizing safely and easily

Companies today need to bring their infrastructure to virtual space. Metrotel offers to do it in a reliable and hassle-free environment

Migrate a company’s infrastructure to Cloud Today it is common and even mandatory, especially due to the circumstances that have occurred two years ago. This decision is full of uncertainty in many cases, due to the sensitivity of the change and the possible consequences that it can bring from the loss of data or any other incident that affects normal performance. From Metrotel, the leading company in corporate telecommunications, is accompanying this step with tailored and reliable solutions, so that whatever the company may have the peace of mind of having all possible scenarios covered.

This is the case of Urban Cloth, who have been users of the solution for a while Veeam Cloud Provider. It is a complementary service to any virtualization solution and provides the functionality and ability to set up a Disaster Recovery site in the “cloud”, allowing data to be taken to a secure site outside of its physical facilities, thus hosting critical information from the company within the Metrotel Datacenter.

Gustavo Matos placeholder image, Manager of the IT Sector of the holding company, which has several business areas, as well as a number of offices throughout the province, comments on his experience that “the pandemic complicated us in that part because the company did not have a home office culture and It forced us to organize ourselves in that sense. We had to act on another level of user security, doing all the backup of the infrastructure. We are migrating all the part of the servers, security, Azure, VPNs, networks and systems. Veeam backup from Metrotel, for the backup of virtual ones, emails, and base 365 “.

Gustavo Matos, IT Manager at Urban Cloth.

Veeam Backup it is a solution that has a wide range of benefits. In the event of an incident, it allows the recovery of data efficiently and quickly. Additionally, you have the option of restoring the entire virtual machine or just individual files. It also minimizes data loss (RPO) thanks to granular policies that can be configured for Backup Jobs. It enables data verification in a fully isolated test environment without interruption or modification in production environments. It does not require modification of the physical or virtual infrastructure of the client, nor is it necessary to have its own storage. One of its most outstanding virtues is that it has low bandwidth consumption at the customer’s site and allows you to configure inbound and outbound traffic control policies.

It is important to note that when complying with the standards imposed for the protection of information, Metrotel is the first Veeam Cloud Provider in Argentina endorsed by Veeam to fulfill this role.

On why he chose Metrotel and how was the hiring system, Matos comments: “I came to know Metrotel through a recommendation from my colleagues, and the truth is that I happy with the choice. The hiring was simple and fast, and in case of any doubt or difficulty we spoke with the executive on WhatsApp and he answered us right away “.

On the other hand, on Metrotel’s fiber optic internet solution, he emphasized “It is a very good service, ultra-stable, it has very good speed and the latency is very low. In the case of the other operators, we have verified that it is not the case. As long as we are in places Wherever this service goes, we go with Metrotel with our eyes closed. “

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