The passage to Chile continues to be closed due to the increase in cases of Covid 19 in Los Libertadores

Due to the contagion of several officials who perform tasks in the Customs located in Paso Los Libertadores, located in Los Andes Fifth Region, in Chile, the unit was closed.

There are rows of Argentine cars and trucks trying to enter the trans-Andean country, but for the moment only cargo transport has been authorized.

The provincial delegate of Los Andes, in Chile, reported that this Saturday, January 15, there will be no service for buses and private vehicles in Los Libertadores due to the cases of Covid-19 detected in officials of the complex. There will only be freight transport attention.

The confirmed cases include officials from the comptroller services who during these days had worked at the border outpost. Of the total confirmed, 9 are from the Investigative Police (PDI), 2 from Customs and 1 from the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG). In addition, there are 34 infected international transport truckers.

Several Argentine tourists were stranded by the surprise closure of the passage to Chile.  Photo: The Andes
Several Argentine tourists were stranded by the surprise closure of the passage to Chile. Photo: The Andes

Chilean newspaper Los Andes Online, to these must be added more than 180 drivers who tested positive in these first two weeks of January, indicating that all would have been generated by the reopening of the border to tourists.

Due to everything described, the workers made a protest measure and warned that truck drivers and passengers who enter and leave the country in private vehicles, companies and buses are not being attended to, which has generated congestion in the area. of the outpost as in the Camino Internacional Los Andes-Mendoza.

In this regard, Justo Sánchez, president of the Association of Customs Officials of the Andes and director of the National Association of Customs Officials (ANFACH), in an interview with Radio Superandina, reported that on Tuesday they held a warning assembly, “but now, as a result of the seriousness of the situation, this measure was adopted, because during the course of the week Customs officials, the SAG and the PDI have been infected with Covid, since when they came down from the border they were subjected to the test of antigens and there they tested positive, so those who are close contacts who must be isolated enter this dynamic, so we decided to start this mobilization ”.

Sánchez remarked that the request of the union and officials is that tourists no longer be served, but only Chileans who return to the country or Argentines residing in Chile in humanitarian cases; while in the case of truck drivers, the antigen test is performed at 100%.

To conclude, Sánchez said: “there is a mismanagement regarding the pandemic, which is not only from the reopening of the border to tourists, but has dragged on from its beginning, where the government at the central level promised that the border it was kept open for the entry of essential merchandise, and that is where we started badly because this was not respected since any type of merchandise entered and not of essential necessity”.

For his part, the General Coordinator of the International Passage, reported that “according to the information officially provided and related to the forceful measures of the Chilean Customs, the authorities of that country have arranged that tomorrow, Saturday, January 15, at the Los Libertadores complex Entry and exit to tourism (private and collective vehicles) will not be attended to, until the authorities respond to their claims.

“These restrictive measures – the statement continues – do not include international freight transport, which will continue to transit normally. These restrictive measures are totally unrelated to and beyond the responsibility of the Argentine authorities”, the letter concludes.

Source: The Andes

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