The particular detail that Justice investigates on the judicial table

Justice investigates whether those accused of being part of a court table Buenos Aires with the aim of persecuting union leaders during the management of Maria Eugenia Vidal they used encrypted or satellite telephony to communicate with each other.

This was reported by sources close to the investigation, who revealed that this week the federal judge of La Plata, Ernest Kreplack, requested the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) to “report – after lifting the security classification in accordance with Title V of Law 25,520 – if there are records of that agency that show that they have been assigned” that type of telephones to the defendants.

The request specifically mentions Adrián Grassi (former Provincial Undersecretary of Justice); Roberto Gigante (former Minister of Infrastructure); the provincial senator of Juan Pablo Allan; the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro; Diego Dalmau Pereira former AFI Counterintelligence Director; Darío Biorci, former chief of staff of Silvia Majdalani; and Juan Sebastián De Stéfano, former head of the Legal Department of the spy center.

It also requires that same information about the rest of the defendants, the former Minister of Labor of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Eugenio Villegas; Marcelo Jawroski (director of the Copetro company and vice president of the Greater La Plata Industrial Union); Ricardo Alconada (president of the company Ocsa); and Guillermo Moretto (President of the College of Architects of La Plata).

It also includes Jorge Oscar Del Río (vice president of the Buenos Aires Province Construction SMEs Association Apymeco); Fabián Cusini (real estate developer, president of Agrineco); Fernando Sacrachi (director of ACIP) and Bernardo Zaslascky (director of Acimco, Association of Merchants and Industrialists in Construction Materials).

The judge wants to know if all of them had “encrypted or satellite telephony devices” and, if so, asked the AFI to “indicate their subscriber numbers and if they were returned” to that agency.

The defendants are those who participated in a meeting held in 2017 at the Buenos Aires headquarters of Banco Provincia, in which it was agreed to advance in the construction of legal cases to persecute union leaders, a strategy that, according to the audios that transpired, would have the endorsement of Buenos Aires Attorney Julio Conte Grand.

Conte Grand was summoned for next Tuesday to the bicameral subcommission of intelligence of the National Congress, where yesterday Commissioner Hernán Cassasa confirmed that the audios in which he mentions the actions of the “court table“macrista and in which he details who were the officials that were part of it.

Days ago the justice had already ordered to investigate the phone calls of the former governor Vidal to determine if he participated in the assembly of the court table, but a similar measure has not yet been decided in the case of Conte Grand.

Also, next Tuesday it is expected that the legislators that make up that subcommittee -the deputies of the Frente de Todos Rodolfo Tailhade and Eduardo Valdés and the legislator of Together for Change Miguel Angel Bazze- carry out an ocular inspection at the headquarters of Banco Provincia to know How were the cameras that recorded the meeting in which there was talk of a “Gestapo” to persecute trade unionists.

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