The particular declaration of "Rambo" of Versailles after his rifles and revolvers were kidnapped: "I am a patriot"

From the door of his house, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Versalles, the 79-year-old retiree accused of possession of weapons clarified that the arsenal kidnapped by the Police from his home were “Weapons over 30 years old, which were useless” and argued that “they were all registered”, although “The permit was never renewed”, despite having completed the procedure.

“I renewed the permits for 40 years. They are all registered and they did not renew my permit when I went in March two years ago, but they never told me why, said the man, who lives alone, before a consultation of Chronicle HD.

The arsenal was discovered this Sunday in the retiree’s house, located in Ruiz de los Llanos at 500, after a request from the Prosecutor for Criminal, Misconduct and Misconduct 26, of Luis Alcides Arnaudo, which began investigating the alleged collection of firearms last August. It was thus that the judge Ricardo Baldomar, in charge of the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Court 18, ordered the search of the property.

Upon entering, the officers found
a .762 caliber FAL rifle with support tripod next to two FAL magazine magazines, and
of the carbines,
a 30/30 gauge Marlin and
a 44 gauge Winchester.


They also kidnapped
a 16 gauge double year barreled shotgun and
a Marlin model 94 shotgun,
a Bersa Thunder 9 mm pistol with 14 cartridges and
three revolvers,
a 38-caliber Colt Police of the Province of Buenos Aires with 6 ammunition,
a Burger Vaquero 44 Magnum with 6 rounds with two spout extenders and
a 32 caliber with 5 ammunition.

The kidnapping was completed with 355 Winchester 762 caliber ammunition, 9 millimeters, 12 and 38 gauges, among others, added the police sources.

“I never fired those guns”, clarified the defendant, who also questioned the police action that “broke the door of the house”. “If they wanted the weapons, they would have notified me and they were taken. They are very old weapons, they were given to me in the field”, he claimed.

In addition, he explained that he worked as a Federal Police, but then went on to do administrative tasks. In addition, he worked in his butcher shop. “I am a patriot. My home is a museum because I have everything I did for the country. I was a volunteer in the Malvinas war but they didn’t send me because I was married and had two young childrenrevealed.

When asked about why he had so many guns in his house, he compared the stockpile as “collect stamps”. And I add: “He had a gun under his pillow for safety, the rest he had in a closet”.

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