The other Step by Step: after the elections, the cleaning operation was launched in Rosario

After the open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (PASO), the Municipality of Rosario launched the cleaning operation to condition the public spaces of the city.

This Monday, September 13, crews from the Urban Hygiene Directorate began the tasks of removing political propaganda: stickers, columns, parades, among other publicity materials.

About 30 workers are engaged in intensive jobs that will extend, in principle, throughout the week. The actions will be carried out in more than a thousand blocks of the city and their main objective will be to recover and leave in optimal conditions the public spaces that have been occupied with electoral advertising.

Luciano Marelli, Director of Urban Hygiene, remarked: “The work began very early in avenues and arteries with important traffic where there is usually a greater amount of political propaganda. We will intensify the tasks to complete the cleaning as quickly as possible. In the survey carried out previously, we detected the least presence of stickers, which are the most difficult to remove ”.

The official of the department belonging to the Ministry of Environment and Public Space added: “From the municipality we permanently promote campaigns and actions to raise awareness about the need and importance of taking care of the city and collaborating with urban hygiene, even more so in electoral times.”

It should be noted that the collected material is deposited in orange containers or transferred to the Environmental Waste Treatment Center for subsequent recycling in the new Plant for recyclable waste, with equipment and technology to receive and process between 5 and 10 tons of these materials per hour. .

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