The numbers that elevate Santilli and bury Tolosa Paz in its own district

The ballot that heads Diego Santilli widens the difference it obtained in the PASO September in the city of La Plata, exceeding 50% of the votes. His rival Victoria Tolosa Paz, a native of this district, achieves only 21.3%, falling 9 points in relation to the primaries, according to the latest survey carried out by DC Consultores.

The provincial capital is the Eighth Electoral Section and has 587,496 voters. The most striking thing about the survey is that the majority of the people of La Plata show a strong satiety with the management of the Front of All. President Alberto Fernandez It has a 73.1% image and only an unprecedented 16% positive. The head of state measures worse than the controversial Anibal Fernandez, who exceeds 20.9% support and 70.5% rejection. Evidently Alberto it is at its worst in urban centers.

38.2% of those consulted feel panic about the formation of the new Cabinet national and anger 24.8%. Juan Manzur, the successor of Santiago Cafiero, has a 60% negative image and barely 10.3% support. These numbers seem not to give any margin to the ruling party in its attempt to overcome the adverse result in the PASO. 64.1% of the people of La Plata consider that on November 14 they will win Santilli. And 66.3% say they would never vote for Kirchnerism.

Another striking fact from the survey is that the list of Together it reaches 50.6% with 13.4% undecided, a very high figure with so many consulted who say they do not know who they are going to vote for. If the undefined are projected, it is likely that Santilli go higher in voting intention and Tolosa Paz you can recover part of what you are losing in relation to September.

It should be taken into account that the sum of the candidates of the opposition coalition achieved 43.9% in the Eighth, with which the former Buenos Aires deputy head of government retains voters from Facundo Manes and attracts new voters. Paradoxically, José Luis Espert exceeds 4.19% of the PASO to 5.6%. With which, the liberal candidate does not affect in the least to Together.

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