The new reality

Today the new restrictions come into force in the face of the wave of infections of the new coronavirus in Jalisco. Although they are valid until February 12, there are several surprises.

If you want to have fun, you must bring your vaccination certificate or negative PCR test to enter bars, casinos, stadiums or theaters. But the caveat is that the vaccination voucher is here to stay and instead of canceling this measure soon, more business lines will be added in February.

Businesses have more or less defined protocols for eventual anomalies. For example, if a client carries a document that does not correspond to them and they discover it when they ask for an identification, they will not let it pass. But if you carry a false certificate or proof, you could land in jail. If you want to have fun, it is better to get vaccinated.

* * *

In public agencies they do not escape the pandemic and there is also the contagion by the new coronavirus. Some of those that face this situation are the Attorney General’s Office, the Jalisco Congress, the Courts and the Decentralized Public Health Services Organization.

In the state health sector, of around 20 thousand workers, they tell us that 700 are in shelter because they are infected or await confirmation of the test, since they have symptoms or lived with others who tested positive for COVID-19.

It can be understood that the Decentralized Public Health Services Organization is in this problem because it cares for the sick population, but in other dependencies everything indicates that they gave free rein to the past December festivities.

* * *

Last Wednesday, the governor, mayors, and state officials met at Casa Jalisco to discuss the issue of garbage management throughout the city. Later, the mayor of Tonalá, Sergio Chávez, launched a message where he was forceful: he no longer wants metropolitan garbage to be deposited in Tonalá.

No one spoke on the issue, but the Moreno president’s substance was so great that yesterday he even suspended interviews in the morning.

The good thing that today it has activities, so it is ruled out that it has the fashionable virus.


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