The new BUAP museum opens with the exhibition “Victims and victimizers”

The Carolino building that was used as the rectory of the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP) today it has become a museum, which is opened to the public with the sculptural exhibition “Victims and Victims”, In an interview with 24 HOURS the artist talked about his creation.

The more than 100 works are mounted in the 6 double rooms that the venue has, the work is divided into 3 axes.

“The first double room talks about the violence against nature that human beings exert, they are small and medium-size reliefs built with charcoal, remains of burned trees and wrapped in last generation cement, making a bit of the metaphor that construction The human being is increasingly trapping nature ”, shared the artist.

The central theme of the work is violence in its different manifestations and although the first room focuses on nature, the tour aims to give a vision of it in different aspects, so the second room “Laments” addresses the issue of violence physical.

At the public’s disposal are 60 clay pots that were built on a pottery wheel and that were later “injured” with weapons such as knives, sticks, stones and even human hands. Rivelino affirms that its purpose is to explore the emotional effects that violence leaves on the body.

“It is a very moving exhibition, it is in a dimly lit room and during the entire time the viewer is in this room there is a high definition video showing how the damage was caused to these pieces”, explained the sculptor.

To finish the work and as a metaphor that after darkness comes the light, the last room focuses on fire, light and brightness, allowing natural light to enter through doors and windows.

This exhibition is attached to all health regulations, and Rivelino affirms that it was designed to only allow 10 people to meet in each room. Extra information about the works will be offered through QR codes.

The inspiration for the creation of this exhibition was born under the yoke of the pandemic. “With the confinement there is time to read, to reflect (…) now I see that one of the most recurrent themes is violence in all its forms, psychological, verbal, digital, physical, political; the aggressiveness this flower of skin “, sentenced.

The works presented range from 100 kg to one ton and 85% of these are new creations while the other 15% are works loaned by private collectors.

The room is open for free from September 10 and will be available until January 30.

“I’m very excited that they get excited and hear them talk about the pieces. It is not easy to find an exhibition entirely of sculpture, it is one of the visual disciplines that has less presence ”, said the artist, who also included benches in the space to invite reflection.

It is intended that this be a traveling exhibition and its next 2 spaces to visit will be Monterrey and Xalapa.

Finally, the artist invited the public to attend and emphasized the importance of this type of work. “It is an exhibition to reflect through the arts our level of aggressiveness, how we are empathic with people who suffer violence or how much damage we do to ourselves,” he concluded.

In the near future the sculptor will list a permanent sculpture in the Historic Center.

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