The National University of Chaco Austral elects superior and departmental councilors

In a quiet election day and under biosafety regulations, the election process is developed at the National University of Chaco Austral to elect members of the Superior Council.

On this occasion, superior and departmental councilors of the Superior Council of the university are elected and the votes are cast in person at the polls located in the Arena Uncaus stadium.

The activity has been taking all the pertinent precautions in the framework of the pandemic and with great participation of teaching and non-teaching staff.

In this regard, the rector German Oestmann stressed that: “it is always transcendental to be able to have democratic participation and that we can express ourselves by electing our representatives” and urged to verify the register on the official website of the university.

On the other hand, he stressed that “today is a day of vindication to a work team that grows day by day in an extraordinary way for the well-being of the entire academic community as well as in its connection with society while respecting democratic values.”

During the early hours of the day the authorities of this house of higher studies voted, beginning with the rector, lawyer Germán Oestmann and the vice-rector, lawyer Manuel García Solá.

The representatives of the different Secretariats also cast the vote. The lawyer Lucas Stegagnini as head of the Administrative Secretariat, the lawyer Manuel Ricardone in charge of the Academic Secretariat, Dr. María Alicia Judis in charge of the Secretariat of Science and Technology, the engineer Daniel Barrionuevo representing the Secretary of Student Welfare and the pharmacist Néstor Dudik responsible for the Secretariat of Cooperation and Public Services.

The director of Inipta, Dr. Nora Okulik, the person in charge of Issuncaus, attorney Yanina Spitzer, and the president of the Electoral Board, attorney Jorge Alcántara, also participated.

The elections will take place until 6:00 p.m., with the aim of consolidating our university community in a participatory, plural and democratic manner.

Oestamnn thanked each member of the university who makes it possible to carry out this electoral act in strict compliance with the biosafety protocol within the framework of respect, order and diversity.

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