The mysterious (and intriguing) case of a Colombian who disappeared in Mexico and would be involved with a former US convict

Lina María Cruz Giraldo, a young Colombian who has lived in Mexico for approximately eight years, is currently missing and her family goes to great lengths to find her.

From the moment Lina moved to Mexico, communication with her relatives in Colombia was constant at all times.

However, since November 2020 The young Colombian began to speak less and less with her loved ones and to answer in less quantity the messages of his family.

“She started calling her ex-boyfriend from school to send him everything on his iCloud, his account, and another boy so that we could make him a hard drive from one moment to the next, approximately November 20, 2020. He wrote to tell us that he was moving from his apartment to one in Mexico City. He sent us photos of the studio apartment, but he did not give us directions, he only said that it was in the Condesa ”, commented Lina’s sister in an interview with the newspaper. Time.

This was the first indication that something weird was happening with Lina and the situation got worse when the young woman began to change residence frequently.

At first, the Colombian living in Mexico stopped talking to her relatives for a few days. However, a short time later it began to be weeks and later months.

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Although Lina did not give information about what was happening, yes it gave signs that something bad might be happening in their life. The young Colombian, during the few occasions in which she spoke with her sister, told her that she could not tell her who she was involved with and assured that the man who accompanied her sometimes locked her in his apartment.

His relatives told the newspaper Time that Lina hardly spoke to them and when she managed to communicate she did so from a phone number that was not hers and with various strange messages.

“I’m making art by painting the tree of life upside down” was one of the mysterious messages that Lina sent to her sister.

Similarly, the sister of the young Colombian woman revealed that she had sent her a strange message that seemed to have a hidden secret code.

“He also sent me a letter from a Japanese book where there was an older man with a girl, like the yakuza mafia,” he confessed.

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Lina unexpectedly contacted her family again and asked for buy an air ticket for Mexico City. Later, he requested help to return to Colombia.

But nevertheless, the young woman informed her family that she did not have her passport, situation that worried their loved ones even more.

“We sent a friend to help her. They managed to find each other, but within hours she traveled by bus to the state of Durango, where Lina had never been. My friend tells us that they had a coffee and the man who accompanied her (Monroe Smith) looked very strange and that my sister said that she had to go, and not to do anything, please, not to tell anyone ” , reported the sister of the young Colombian.

Photograph taken at the time when Lina met with a friend in Mexico to talk about her situation. (Free Press Photo: El Tiempo)

According to the account of his relatives, the man who accompanied Lina, whose identity was unknown until that moment, began to physically attack her on a regular basis.

Faced with the man’s blows, the young Colombian woman sent photographs to her family as evidence of the mistreatment she received.

By 2021, the situation began to deteriorate and communication between Lina and her family became practically nil. However, in April their loved ones received a message that prompted them to request help from the authorities.

“In April, he finally spoke to me and said: ‘Paula, if I don’t write again, if I don’t show up again, don’t look for me. Do not do anything. It’s very dangerous. Tell the ‘monkey’ to sleep with that stuffed swan that you give her. ‘ That was the last time I spoke with my twin sister and it was through a text message, ”confessed Lina’s sister.

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Months later, in September, the man Lina had been seen with contacted her sisters and told them that one of them had to go to Mexico to find the young woman.

From that moment on, Lina’s family reported her missing and started a campaign to find the young woman.

On one of the occasions in which the man contacted the young woman’s relatives, they they were able to see his face and began to investigate the identity of the individual who allegedly had Lina kidnapped.

This was the screenshot that Lina’s family was able to make in one of the video calls with their alleged abductor. (Free Press Photo: El Tiempo)

The search results were terrifying, as this man was Jason Monroe Smith, who was imprisoned for the crimes of kidnapping and torture in Arizona, United States.

To date, Lina’s family his whereabouts and condition are unknown, since the last time they saw her she was without eyebrows, hairless and suffered from various health complications.

“Yesterday I decided to make an alert on the internet, since the Consulate responds to me when they are settled and they call me but they do not give me answers. I have already sent you more than 30 emails. They tell me that I have to file a complaint, but here the Prosecutor’s Office does not receive it because it is an international issue. Also, I can’t travel to Mexico without knowing what I’m up against, since this guy is obsessed with me for being Lina’s twin, ”said the missing girl’s sister.

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