The Municipality wants to exempt companies that carry out water works in Bahia from fees

The mayor Héctor Gay sent in the last hours to the Deliberative Council a draft ordinance to exempt companies that carry out works to solve the water problem in Bahia from various municipal fees.

The initiative aims to free them from paying Construction Rights, License Fee, Office Rights, Safety and Hygiene and Director and Indirect Services and was a request made to the commune from the Buenos Aires government.

The project highlights that the works, financed with provincial resources, are of special interest to the people of Bahia and that for this reason it is necessary to grant the aforementioned tax benefits.

“It is a priority to work from the different areas on mechanisms that aim to facilitate the prompt completion of necessary infrastructure works that allow the people of Bahia to have a normal supply of water resources,” he said.

The project could be discussed tomorrow in the legislature if it gathers 16 of the 24 votes of the 24 councilors.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Municipality had already implemented similar initiatives for merchants of different sectors and institutions that had their normal functioning affected by the isolation and restriction of activities.

“The initiative was requested by the Undersecretary of Water Resources that is carrying out ABSA’s works plan and we accepted to send the project to the legislature for validation because it is the right thing to do,” Gay said.

Some of the announced works include:

– Acquisition of a modular water treatment plant of 1,250,000 liters / h for $ 540,000,000.
– Replacement of the 250mm (3,000m) AC Grünbein – Punta Alta aqueduct for $ 80,000,000.
– Start-up of battery of wells in Cabildo and Bajo San José (Campo Fioriti and Campo Pascolini) for $ 70,000,000.
– New Tower 2 impulsion pipe (1,000m) for $ 40,000,000.
– Repowering of the Arroyo Napostá intakes, Mirasoles area and Commercial Employees for $ 50,000,000.
– Re-sheathing of sections of steel aqueduct pipeline 475 Paso de las Piedras Dam for $ 100,000,000.
– Conditioning lagoon systems for recirculation of filter washing water for $ 50,000,000.
– Commissioning of semi-emergent drilling, includes equipment, conditioning and laying of impulsion pipes for $ 80,000,000.

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