The Municipality of Puerto Vilelas accompanied athletes from Wushú Sandá in a national tournament

During the last weekend, a national Wushú Sandá contest was held where the Wushú Kung Fu sports academy participated, dependent on the Community Organization of Wushú Sandá, in which the Municipality of Puerto Vilelas led by the mayor Víctor Rea provided contributions and multiple tools so that the participation of these athletes is a real success.

“For us, sport is not an expense, but an investment, this is clear to us and we demonstrate it in each and every one of the activities,” said the village chief from Ville.

Regarding the leadership of the Chaco delegation, which was headed by Guillermo González, who is in charge of the Wushú Kung Fu sports academy, who was also giving Sandá training to the athletes from Berazategui and Bernal in the first place. Then the rest of the Chaco delegation arrived the next day to continue with the training.

The contest was called the “Papa“ Francisco ”Chaleger Cup Friendship Tournament, taking place in Quilmes, and teams from Brazil and another from Venezuela also participated. “In this contest there were more than 350 competitors, where as a Chaco team we were recognized for the effort and received the corresponding award,” said Guillermo González, who also graduated on this occasion with the 4th Thuan belt.


From the sports academy of Wushu Kung Fu, he extends his gratitude to the Municipality of Puerto Vilelas and the Secretary of Martial Arts of the “Papa Francisco” club who were the organizers of this national contest, as well as to Mr. Mario Solís for making this participation possible. in the national plans and competitions and leave the sport of Villelense and Chaco very high.

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