The Municipal Council of Ixelles has recorded the changes linked to the departure of Bea Diallo

The mayor Christos Doulkeridis (Ecolo) paid tribute to Bea Diallo as well as to his years of commitment and his initiatives to build positive policies for the inhabitants of Ixell.

The new leader of the ixellois socialist representatives, Romain de Reusme, looked back on his 15 years as alderman: “He started as alderman for the Youth. In any case, it is a skill that we will retain because ‘he got involved with it with a lot of heart. He also pointed out that with that of Sports, which he inherited in 2016, these are two skills that were “very important in his eyes”, identified with his political action in Ixelles and that he will find in his functions at within the Guinean government.

His deputy Mamoudou Kane was sworn in as the new municipal councilor.

After his resignation from the post of deputy chairman of the municipal council and the installation in her place of Anne Delvaux, Yannick Piquet (PS) was elected to the post of alderman (25 yes and 14 no) and was sworn in. It takes the skills of Building Cleanliness and Public Works from Romain de Reusme. The latter adds the skills of Finance, Personnel, Pensions and Sports to his alderman, which already included public education.

Still in the PS – sp.a ranks, Nabil Messaoudi remains alderman for Public Cleanliness, Social Cohesion and Families. The skills of Youth, Twinning and International Cooperation are added to its load.

Nevruz Unal, for its part, is assigned the skills of Employment and Social Integration, Prevention and supervision of Hospitals, in addition to its skills in Urban Renovation, Neighborhood Contracts and Legal Affairs.

Hassan Chegdani, for his part, remains president of the Ixelles CPAS.

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