The moving loyalty story of the dog that lives next to its owner’s grave

There is a well-known phrase that says that “dogs are human’s best friends”. And well this little animal can validate it. Bobby is a dog who has lived for three years in the municipal cemetery of General Roca, Rio Negro. The dog decided to stay there after his owner died and since then he has not left his grave.

These kinds of stories seem to only happen in movies. A well-known story in the world is the Hachiko. A dog that in Japan it waited every day for 10 years for its owner, who had passed away, to arrive at the Shibuya train station. A few years ago a movie was made about the so-called “Always by your side”, which moved many people.

On this occasion, the story of Bobby, who He arrived at the General Roca Municipal Cemetery during his master’s funeral and never left. Now he lives there and is in the care of Daniel Cisterna, a man who works as a gravedigger.

Bobby has lived in the cemetery where his owner is buried for three years (Image Diario Río Negro).

“Its owner died three years ago and since then he has never left the cemetery. He stayed because his owner is buried here “Cisterna explained in an interview with Diario de Rio Negro.

Days passed after the funeral and the owner’s family went to look for Bobby, but he did not change his mind at any time and stayed by the grave of his best friend. Now the worker has grown fond of the animal and has become his new companion and protector. Even among the employees they prepared his own little house in the cemetery.

“The little dog was still on top of its owner’s grave, he didn’t want to go. They loaded him into a truck, but he got out and went back to his master’s grave. He doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay with his master “, said the employee.

In that sense, the gravedigger acknowledged that there are more dogs in the cemetery, but the loyalty, fidelity and unconditional love that Bobby has for his friend moved him a lot: “I was very moved by the affection he had for his human, for his fidelity, it’s something I’ve never seen.

Bobby has a friend and a kind of “godmother” call Adriana carrasco placeholder image. She is the one who takes care of leaving him food on a weekly basis and when he suffers any discomfort, she immediately takes him to the vet. She met him locally when she went to visit her mother’s grave. In addition, together with his family they are protectionists and try to help the other dogs that also live there. Since meeting Bobby, she has been touched by his determination.

It is a demonstration of how faithful dogs are to their owners. To think that there are many people who abandon them, but they do not abandon us. The love they have is unconditional and they never forget”, He expressed to the local media.

Bobby comforts people when they fire a loved one

It was a protectionist who was surprised by Bobby’s attitude. She must have visited the place to say goodbye to a friend and was struck by how this white dog was lying on a grave. She asked the workers and they told her their story and it was she who shared in the organization’s Facebook group “No Animal Abuse – Ranhu“.

Bobby accompanies Daniel Cisterna, gravedigger from the General Roca municipal cemetery (Image Diario Río Negro).

“We went to say goodbye to a friend in the local cemetery. While we were saying goodbye, we saw from the side, something that touched us and caught our attention”, begins the publication that went viral on the networks, received thousands of likes and was shared by thousands of users.

As Cisterna explained, the dog when there are funerals, accompanies those present at the funeral and lies down with the grieving family and stares at the ritual. “Seems to understand your pain“, he pointed.

In the end, people end up excited by the attitude and gesture of the dog, and many asked for him, pet him and he becomes a kind of emotional therapist. In fact, Daniel revealed that he tells them the story of the dog and several were surprised by Bobby’s loyalty to his owner.

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