The most painful vote of the 2021 Elections: "While you were celebrating, my son died alone"

The photo and message quickly went viral on social media: “While you were celebrating, my son died alone. 42 years old”said the paper with cut out magazine letters.

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“While you were celebrating, my son died alone. 42 years old.” The painful message was found in one of the voting envelopes during the 2021 Elections

María Laura Canziani shared her feelings after discovering what the envelope contained: “It broke my heart. It made me very sad,” said the prosecutor. to the TN portal.

The elector’s message, although without saying it, was indirectly addressed to Alberto Fernández and made reference without naming him to the Olivos Gate scandal, the one that was generated when the photos and video of the birthday celebration that Fabiola Yañez organized in the Quinta emerged de Olivos, when he was living in full quarantine in Argentina.

The citizen, or citizen, thus expressed, as he could, his pain over the death of a loved one by Covid 19.

The viralization of posting

María Laura’s tweet has more than 4 thousand retweets and 15 thousand likes, in addition to the comments that made the case reach even more people.

Laura says that many complained about the decision that the voter had made, to cast a null vote and not a valid one, thus being “functional to the Government.” But she understood it as a person who used the STEP 2021 to express herself and who will surely cast a valid vote in the 2021 Elections.

At the time of the 2021 Elections, 5,224,534 positive cases of Covid 19 had been reported in Argentina since the pandemic began. Of these, 5,075,073 have already been discharged, while 36,059 cases remain active.

Until Sunday, September 12, those killed by Covis numbered 113,402.

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